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I have a love-hate relationship with videos. I like watching videos on Youtube...vlogs are hard because if the camera moves around a lot, it makes me motion-sick after awhile. I still love watching Utah vloggers though! I also like Devin Supertramp videos, Peter Hollens,  Ellie and Jared, documentaries of people, music videos, craft videos and things along those lines. 

It really bothers me from time to time that I can't make good videos. I can throw up a vlog on YouTube, do mini vlogging on my Snapchat channels or Periscope but

A smaller goal I've been thinking about is to stop spending so much time looking to others for inspiration but create my own inspiration. Easier said than done though. I love scrolling through Instagram, watching Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook live streams and reading blog posts and clicking through Pinterest to get ideas, learn and be inspired. I will still continue to do those things but attempt to cut back a bit. A morning or afternoon goes by and all I've done is consume creativity via my phone or laptop but what do I have at the end of the day that I've actually created? Pretty much nothing. Attempting to change that and awareness is the first step.

But back to video - I'll be looking online for tips and tricks, tutorials, etc but if you have anything you'd like to recommend, let me know in a comment!

Some days I feel on top of things and other days I feel like I am not getting enough done. I look online at all the events going on (in a state I'm not in) or all the blog posts people are doing, on top of it because it's Christmas time and they have their posts for gift ideas, foods, crafts, etc already done. And me? I'm just here trying to get through each day. Not working a full time job anymore has its pros and cons. It's handy because I have the time to accomplish more during the day vs. just evenings and weekends. It's a con because I still haven't figured out a good schedule to managing my time. 

My day usually goes like this:

7:30-8:30 - wake up and get caught up on social media , watch some Periscope broadcasts on tech news and how to gain more Instagram followers, etc.

9:00 - up and out of the bedroom. I'm dressed and ready to go somewhere. Except usually there is no where to go.

9:00-noon - I'm working a bit for a social media job I am doing right now. I am grabbing something from the fridge to eat for breakfast. I'm washing dishes from the night before or tidying up around the house.

Noon - suddenly Tony is home and I wonder where my morning was gone. At least my morning is generally pretty productive. Today I made some Christmas candies for the plates we are delivering sometime this week so that was nice and Tony seemed surprised I got that done. Haha!

1-5pm - I'm either online, or these days getting packages ready to send, taking pictures of stuff to sell online, addressing Christmas cards, trying to unpack the last 15 boxes in the she-shed and figure out what to keep or sell/donate, etc. I've been sitting on a heated blanket on my couch for the past 2 hours and it's suddenly 3pm. Need to finish some Pinterest crafts since my Cricut was having issues last night (problem on their end I think), figure out a person or family to give gifts to this month, plan our trip to L.A. this weekend and get the 2 bedrooms cleaned up for guests coming Sunday night.

5-10pm - my evening consists of dinner with Tony, watching shows, cleaning up things again (I dont even have kids so how do things get so messy?!) and occasionally doing errands or house projects.  I still need to shower since I haven't gotten to that today. I want to blog about my Pinterest party last night.  I think today was the last day to get packages together and mailed to arrive in time for Christmas. Ah...people like late presents, right? Need to get neighbor gifts put together and delivered too.

I end my day usually thinking about all I didn't get done and trying to get motivated or make a list to tackle it the next day. I scroll through Instagram seeing fun crafts, food, projects and trips thinking, why am I not doing that stuff too? In the end, I just need to share what I am doing and be satisfied with that. Stop comparing and thinking about all I didn't get done but focus on what I did accomplish in the day. There's always a chance to do things better the next day and I am grateful for that.

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