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Utah Fun

These are going to be an assortment of random pictures that I dont really have a blog post to put them in so they can all go in to one! Hiked to "The Living Room" in SLC by the U on Wednesday night. Okay, I didn't make it all the way to the top but the view where I stopped was pretty legit!

Through July and Into August

July was a month full of so many emotions. Lots of roadtrips too. We ended up taking an unplanned trip to Idaho to visit Tony's grandma before she passed away. It was a fun weekend though of seeing our families and eating lots of good food plus a little shopping . The next weekend was my birthday weekend and I've been badly wanting to go to Bear World up by Rexburg Idaho so we finally went! Tony's grandma had her funeral that weekend as well but Tony decided that his visit to her when she was alive was good and all the family we have seen recently at the reunion in Albion , ID so we did not go to the funeral. I was a little sad about that but it was up to him. Plus this was the only weekend we could do Bear World before Tony went to CA to start his new job. The weekend of July 16th we took my sister and her 2 boys to Lagoon . Tony has been wanting to take my 4 year old nephew for a long time to see how he'd like it and we sure cut it close but we all went and h