Birthday Deals 2023!


It's a new year which means it's time to give an update on the birthday deals I got in hopes that you want to get some (or all!) of them too.

Let's get started!

Adidas - silliness still. 15% off a purchase for a birthday. I feel like they have better offers throughout the year. I did not use this one.

Albertsons - another silly one, 2x the rewards on purchases in my birthday month. My rewards never add up or else I'm not buying the right items so I really dont care about this one. I did not use it, I dont think I've set foot in Albertsons all month tbh.

American Eagle - 15% off a purchase. Nothing special and I decided not to use it this year.

Anthropologie - 20% off. The owl light I want is over $200 so...I'll wait for a better sale. I didn't use this deal.

Archibald's Restaurant at Gardner Village (Utah) - this is one worth using, buy 1 meal get 1 free for lunch or dinner. Must dine in. The offer is good for 30 days from your birthdate.

Artzea - added 250 points to my account. Sweet.

Azteca Casa Ramos (WA) - a code for free flan or churro. Unfortunately, I did not see this one in time or I might have redeemed it.

Bambu (UT) - 10% off my order. The email came 7/3 and expired 7/10 (my birthday) and I was not up in Utah until later in the month so needless to say, I didn't go use this.

Baskin Robbins - free 4oz. scoop. It expired on 7/20 before I got the chance to use it. Better luck next year.

Bead Fairy (UT) - free gift and 20% off my purchase. I got the email on 7/3 and it expired on 7/10. I went to WA for my birthday and there was no chance to get to UT this time.

Black Bear Diner - free Bear's Choice breakfast to use any time of day. I got this email on 7/3 and it's good until 8/17. Yay!

Bubbies Ice Cream - sent me $1 off a 6-pack of Mochi Ice Cream. I feel like I've seen a bit better deals so I'll likely not use this. But Bubbies brand is A+ quality imo. (Last year they sent me a buy-a-box get-a-box free...interesting). 

Built Bar - a $5 gift card to my email. Last year they added 100 built bucks to my account.

Cafe Rio - oh Cafe Rio. They sent a free $5 to me on 7/5 and then the fine print says it expires 14 days after I get the email. Not from my birthdate. Blah. So this one unfortunately did not get used this year.

Cheesecake Factory - a free slice of cheesecake! I picked the s'mores one. Dying still over how good it was.

Chick-Fil-A - a free brownie or cookie and I had 30 days to redeem. Redeem I did and I chose the brownie.

Chili's - sent an email to me on 7/12 for a free dessert. It expired on 7/17. I did not use this one this year.

Chipotle - free queso, guac, or salsa and chips. The offer expires 30 days from the date of issue and they sent this to me on 7/10.

Cinnabon - 16oz. cold brew. Oof. I do not drink coffee...I wish they'd let me have a little dessert for free instead.

Container Store - 15% off my purchase! I did use this, in California, and got a gift for a friend and a collapsible bucket for myself.

Cricut - didn't send anything for my birthday this year! :( In 2020 they sent me a 10% off coupon. Not much, but something.

Crumbl - a free cookie good until mid-Aug!

Dairy Queen - BOGO Blizzard dessert. Not sure I will use this but maybe.

Dunkin Donuts - free beverage, any size. I got this email 7/8 and it expired 7/15. Sadly I did not get to use it this year.

Del Taco - free regular-size shake. I did not claim this one in time. It was only good until 7/16.

Denny's - free everyday value slam. Good until July 31!

Dippin Dots - a free small cup of dots. This one is tricky to find but sometimes I'm able to get it to work. Last year a kind employee let me redeem it at the CA state fair.

Dream Dinners - free $10 to spend! Good until Aug 14. I'm excited to use this, their chocolate chip cookies are amazing.

Earl of Sandwich - a free brownie or cookie, good until 8/2. I will most likely not end up using this even though I was in LA on the 24th and could have made it to one but there were other birthday deals I was redeeming that day that I wanted more.

Edible Arrangements - last year they sent me an email for 12 pieces of chocolate-dipped fruit. This year, nothing. I reached out to customer service, but nothing yet. This is very sad because it was a great deal to get.

Elmer's Restaurant (CA)- free German pancake. Unfortunately, I will not be anywhere near Elmer's this month.

Enterprise (yes the car rental company) sent me emails the past few years but not this year. It was for a game to play to earn up to 250 points for my account. Darn shame.

Ethel M Chocolates (Las Vegas) - 20% off my purchase of $50 or more. Pass!

Fire + Ice (CA) - I really enjoy eating here but sadly they didn't send me a birthday deal so I will not be going. Byeee. (PS, I did email them on 7/15 and have not heard back).

Flake Pie Co - a free $5 to spend and you better believe I used this!

Fuddruckers - for the first time, no more free burgers. Now it's $9 for a "meal deal" of a drink, burger, and fries. It's probably a good time to be done. I haven't liked my burger the last few times I've been in. Time to call it quits sadly.

Godiva - $10 off my order through the end of the month.

IHOP - 5 pan coins which equals 3 pancakes.

IKEA - this is kind of a mess right now. They never sent me my free dessert and free $10. But every other year before this, I've got it. The online support said I had to call. The call center said they couldn't help me and that I'd have to wait until next year. And I said, next year this will happen again. I need to get this fixed. So they opened a ticket. Stay tuned...

Rita's Italian Ice - free small ice. I redeemed this in CA and it was tasty.

Johnny Rockets - didn't send me anything this year. Previously, it was a free burger with the purchase of any entree & drink, or shake. I may have fallen off their email list.

Orange Julius - sent their email to me on 6/26. It expired on my birthday (7/10). It was for a $2 any small Orange Julius. A shame to not be able to use this one.

Kiki's Chicken Place (CA) - free small fries with purchase. This is in Sacramento, not going out of my way to get it + it expired 7/10.

Kodiak - does anyone here like this brand? I kinda do and the birthday deal is a free box of birthday cake powder with my next purchase. Pass, because I don't want to spend $45 for free shipping but if you are already placing an order, this would be good to redeem.

Kono's & The Surfing Pig (NV) - yummy place. They sent me a free shake or dessert but this is another one that expired on my birthday. Bummer.

Lazy Dog Restaurant - I love this deal, I get a free appetizer or dessert. They have some delicious ones to choose from. This year I got a chocolate mousse to go and it worked out well.

Macey's grocery store (UT) - I am part of their Perks program and they sent me a free 56oz Red Button brand ice cream with any purchase. Woot!

Marie Callender's - Save $5 off 2 entrees and get 2 free slices of pie. I did use this last year but it wasn't great. I did not get pie, the coupon wouldn't load and the worker didn't know the birthday deal - gasp - so he just did BOGO free on a meal. Anyways, this year it expired 7/17. Better luck another time, maybe.

Marvy Uchida - 40% off of $20 or more. Free shipping over $40. I'm not going to use this so anyone reading this post, if you want it, get ahold of me! It's good for 30 days from 7/17.

Mimi's Cafe - sent me something (a free mixed berry muffin sundae) last year but not this year. I think I've fallen off of their email list too as I do not recall getting any emails from them in quite some time.

Noodles & Co - free crispy or a cookie. Interestingly, in years past they've let me choose from a free dessert, side, or delivery. I opted for the free crispy. It was not that marshmallowy :( 

Nothing Bundt Cakes- I redeemed this in WA and you get a free bundtlet, any flavor. Such a good deal!

Old Navy - gave me 125 bonus points. I have no clue what that means but thanks?

Old Spaghetti Factory - a free pasta classic. Dine in or to go. I took it to go, and redeemed it in Utah. Got a salad, pasta, a loaf of bread and Spumoni! So worth it.

Olive Garden - last year sent me a free appetizer or dessert but I have not gotten any emails from them in a long time. Too bad, better luck next year with them.

Old Navy - sent me 125 bonus points. I've not used my points for anything yet, I don't shop at Old Navy often, but is free.

Pink Nation - didn't seem to send me anything this year. That's a bummer because that's usually one I like to redeem.

Pinkbox Donuts - only in Las Vegas and St. George. This had to be redeemed within 7 days of getting the email (it came on July 10), and it didn't work out to use it this year sadly.

Piper & Scoot (clothing company) sent me 15% off. I did not use it this year.

Plato's Closet (UT location) - sent me $5 off a purchase but it expired on my birthday and there was no chance to use it.

Qdoba - free queso and chips. I used this one in WA!

Raley's - I'm still crying because I couldn't use this one this year. It's a grocery store in Northern CA and a location or two in Nevada. They let you pick out a Hallmark card, a cake mix and a cupcake from the bakery. So good!

Rita's Italian Ice - free small ice. I redeemed this one in CA.

Rubio's - free entree with purchase of an entree. I did not make it to use this one this year.

Rumbi Island - free dessert with purchase. Darn, I didn't get to this restaurant either!

Savers - 20% off. I did use it but this honestly is the same coupon you can get all year round by dropping off a donation. So..its not that special but I'll take any coupon I can get.

Sonic - surprisingly didn't send anything this year. Very strange.

Sprinkles Cupcake - I've prided myself in being able to get my free cupcake the past few years even though its tricky to get to a location. This expired Aug 4. I just was unable to get to a place to pick one up. Very sad because it's' really the only time of year I get one of their cupcakes.

Subway - free birthday cookie. This was good until 7/23. I rarely go in to Subway and just didn't have it on my radar this year.

Taco Bell - free Baja Blast drink (Mtn. Dew). Not my favorite so I decided not to redeem it.

TCBY - free 3 oz of froyo. I hardly see TCBY so I did not redeem this one this year. The coupon was valid until 8/2.

Texas Roadhouse - free appetizer or sidekick. Wow! I don't remember them doing a birthday deal in the past. I got the email on 7/10 and only had until 7/13 to use it. There was no way timing wise I could get to a location in time. Better luck next year.

Tucanos - free birthday meal with the purchase of a birthday meal. I redeemed this with Tony in Utah!

The Melting Pot - 6 signature dipped strawberries with any menu purchase. This one lets me redeem until 8/25! But I don't think I'll be near a location in that time frame. I could have used it in Utah possibly but my time was short.

The North Face - sent me a 10% off coupon. I did not use this.

Tom's - 15% off my purchase of shoes.

Ulta - a free Redken Deluxe Acidic Bonding Concentrate Intensive Treatment. I picked it up in Utah but am not sure I will use it. Just the name of it makes me nervous.

Vans - shoes. 250 bonus points. Like Old Navy points, I'm not sure what it means but hey, I'll take it.

Via 313 - pizza place in Utah that is pretty yummy. $5 off my order AND get this. They gave me a birthday card signed by the staff and a gift card inside for a free pizza. WOW. So stoked about this one!


That's all folks! What do you think? Are there any I missed? Should I sign up on some more email lists? 😜

Overall I feel like I missed quite a few deals this year but I did the best I could with the time I had.


Wow! That is a great list. Thanks so much for taking the time to research all of those. I will be busily signing up for next year.
CG said…
Oh wow! I had no idea there were so many different birthday specials out there! I’ll have to sign up for some of these- looks like there are some great deals! Thanks for sharing.
Nina Talks said…
Great list! I need to update mine with some of these deals! Loved reading your experience on each as well! Bring all the birthday freebies!

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