That Laundry Room Vibe

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How many loads does the average American family do each week?

A. 2-4 loads

B. 8-10 loads

C. 12-15 loads

Keep reading for more laundry room fun and to find out the answer at the end of the post!

I wish my laundry room looked as cute as the ones I'm featuring today.
These photos were all taken at various Parade of Homes homes this year in Utah.

Do you prefer extra counter space in a laundry room vs. storage space?

Who knew that having a fun floor could make doing laundry more fun. Unless your laundry covers the floor...then you might have fun uncovering the floor when you get all the laundry in the washer!

Unique idea to put some vertical storage space between a side counter and a washer and dryer.

This color of paint for the cupboards was also very popular it seems.

This color was also super cool. Different but crisp and clean.

The tall skinny black unit in the picture on the left is the Styler Steam Clothing Care System.
So fancy! A few homes had this. I also thought the chandelier in the picture on the right was a fun fancy addition to a laundry room. 

Clean, simple look. Love the laundry cart there on the right!

I'm loving all the counterspace in these two laundry rooms. Perfect for folding clothes or sitting and working on a project if you need to stay in the same room as the clothes being washed for some reason.

Honestly, for me, too much counter space in a laundry room would probably just gather the clutter. It would be fun to decorate but the tops of my machines collect enough junky items already.

How useful would an island be in your laundry room? 

Some fun floor designs to consider.

No shame in having a double set of washers and dryers! Must be a big family...

I thought this looked cool but maybe a tight space if you have to get behind the units to do any maintenance. Which isn't often but can happen.

Keep your laundry room in mind when you use Homie to buy a home or sell one.
Homie makes the home buying or selling process great because you get to keep more money in your pocket and not have to pay a high percent to a realtor. 

For buying, does it have the layout you want? Or is the space customizable to add or take away things to make doing laundry easier?

For selling, vacuum, dust, wipe down everything to keep it clean and tidy for anyone coming to walk through your home or for pictures. I know the top of our washer and dryer tend to collect dust/lint, tools and other items.

Answer to question at the beginning of the post...

B! 8-10 loads.

I guess Tony & I aren't so average because we do more like 4 or less a week. 
How many do you do?

I hope I was able to give you some fun ideas on laundry room layouts, style, decor ideas and if you have any questions about using Homie when you are ready to buy or sell a home, let me know!


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