Increase Your Home Value With These Black Friday Deals

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Are you searching for some great items for your new or well loved home this upcoming Black Friday? I am going to suggest a few items I thought of. Some are items I use and love and others are ones I haven't tried yet or can't currently use in the house we are in. I researched on the DealsPlus website so head there to see which stores had these prices. Also, keep reading to see what I recommend!

Before I start sharing the deals with you, have you heard or seen me talk about Homie before? Or is this your first time hearing about this company? If it's your first time, Homie is a company you can use to purchase a home or sell your home. They work in Utah and Arizona so far. You aren't paying a realtor a commission fee and in the end, that saves you money. No matter how much you want to sell your home for, you pay the same flat fee to work with Homie. You have more control and it's a very streamlined process. 

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit Homie online.

The ideas below are ones that I feel like would help add to your home value a bit if you are looking to sell your home.  There are a lot of fun smart devices that are available these days. Let me know which ones you use and love already!


When you're home, it is great to have the house comfortable so you don't have to bundle up in the winter or shimmy down to a swimsuit in the summer. However, when you're away from home, it's not necessary to leave the air on quite as cool or the heat on quite as hot. With a smart thermostat, you can control this anywhere you have a 4G or WiFi connection.

Honeywell Thermostat - starts at $119

Nest Thermostat - starts at $179

Smart Lightbulb

I like setting these up for a vacation mode schedule when Tony & I travel. It makes me happy that our house is not left looking completely dark all night long. With an app, it's fairly easy to use and  you can pick days and times and what color lights or sequence of lights is featured.

Merkury Smart Lightbulb - starts at $15

Google Smart Light - starts at $25

Video Doorbell

This is great to have because it gives peace of mind if you are away from home or home alone. Even if you are not home alone, maybe you are having a movie night with your family and don't want to get up to see who is at the front door. You can easily use a companion app on your phone to see who is there and even talk to them if you want.

Night Owl doorbell - starts at $64.99

SimpliSafe doorbell - starts at $99

Ring doorbell - starts at $129

Nest doorbell - starts at $149

Outdoor Security System

Another great purchase that gives us great peace of mind when we are away from home. Whether it's a package being dropped off, someone walking by with their dog or coming up closer to the house, you never know who might stop by intentionally or unintentionally. With the app you can check on your house anytime and get alerts as well.

Night Owl Security System - starts at $179

Arlo Smart Home Security System - starts at $179

Lorex Security Cameras - starts at $179

Smart Door Lock

I feel like now that I've lived in a house with a smart door lock, I can never go back. It's super handy to be able to have a keypad to enter a short code to get inside. 1 less key to carry around, set up codes for house guests, neighbors, pet sitter, etc. When we had big earthquakes here in July, we were able to give a code to a trusted neighbor and friend and they were able to get in our house to make sure things were okay and scope out any damage. I feel better about giving out a 4 digit code than leaving a key hidden somewhere.

 Assure Lock Touchscreen - starts at $99

August Smart Lock - starts at $149

Smart Vacuum 

This is something that helps increase your home value by keeping your carpets clean and in nice condition. Sure, you'll need a shampoo or two most likely of the carpet before you move but I found some good vacuum deals happening for Black Friday.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum - starts at $149

iRobot Roomba - starts at $199

USB Outlets

This doesn't exactly keep your home safe or add value like the other items I've mentioned so far but I suppose keeping your phone charged in any room of the house can help keep you safe in case of an emergency, so there's that. USB outlets are super handy in case your only charging station is in a bedroom and you can't keep going in there to charge your phone throughout the day, depending how much you are using it.  I couldn't easily find any deals on this item for Black Friday but it is available on Amazon starting at $10.49 with free shipping!


Evergreen Elf Photo

If you have never heard of Evergreen Elf, it's a great little elf that has a stick attached to it that you insert in to the water for your live Christmas tree. The elf runs on batteries and when the water in the dish for your tree gets low, it gives you an alert that says, "Out of water! Out of water!". This is a great reminder and you don't have to get down on your hands and knees every day or every other day to check. When a tree dries out, we all know this is such a hazard, so keep your lovely decorated Christmas tree green and feeling fresh with Evergreen Elf!


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