My 10" Frying Pan Review - Mealthy

I was sent this Mealthy frying pan to test out and use. Since Tony does the cooking and I do the dishes and eating, I figured we'd make a good pair in using this pan.

Here, Tony is stirring some sauce to put on shredded chicken with a side of rice and french bread.

Some things I like about this pan is that the handle stays cool while you are cooking so that there are no accidental burns there. 

The pan has stainless steel outer layers to protect against corrosion. We are used to cooking with coated pans so this is a bit different experience.

Turned out delicious and I'm glad there could be leftovers for lunch the next day.

Another night for dinner we had orange chicken. A favorite!

Just from a bag, nothing fancy. We don't do too fancy over here usually.  I'm not complaining because a) I dont have to cook b) it's edible and usually tasty

Sadly this meal was only good for 2 for dinner. No leftovers!

The food cooks very evenly. Tony made this cheesy chicken and while I did not get a picture of it in the pan, it cooked so well and evenly. Made for a delicious dinner and I could only eat half of this chicken breast!

If you'd like this new Mealthy frying pan, I have a discount code for you for $10 off your purchase of $59.95 or more. The code is:


click here to use it. 

Great for back to school, a wedding gift, moving gift, for yourself or the person who loves to cook and needs a nice pan.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to leave a comment!


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