Home Entertaining, Part 2

There are so many great places and ideas for entertaining in your home or future home. When you sell your home with Homie, they can send a photographer out to your home to get stellar shots - this is included in the price. They'll also use photos you took yourself in the listing if you want them to.

Here are some fun suggestions for entertaining that I saw in the UV Parade of Homes in June. These houses were in Provo, Orem, Lehi and other areas around Utah Valley.

Firepits are a great way to gather in the evening and roast some dinner or desserts while chatting under the stars (or city lights).

You can have an actual outdoor fireplace or just a pit type style to keep your flame contained.

Pools are a great place to have friends of your kids or your own friends over for a swim or just float and chill. Can be casual or more intense with games like Marco Polo, water volleyball or Chicken.

This pool is gorgeous - with the slide and multiple waterfalls!

A game of horse or around-the-world is fun to play with either kids or adults on your very own basketball court.

Sometimes just nice casual chatting over snacks is the best way to start your morning or wind down after a busy day. Keeping your space clutter-free (as best you can) is something many people appreciate and helps when taking selfies with your besties. 

Moving on to the inside...

I'm not big into games but I do enjoy playing pool, trying my hand at ping pong...

...or chess if there's more time to kill or a climb on a rock wall. How neat would that be to have at home!

Fun spots in the house for kids to have friends over are handy for bad weather days.

On to one of my favorite parts of a home and something I aim to have someday...

Indoor movie theater! Check out that ceiling - so amazing!

This theater room was really smart because the builders added a stage. The kids in this photo loved the idea too because they ran up to perform. How fun! And great use of the space as well.

Do you prefer entertaining indoors or outdoors? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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