Winterizing Your Home

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It’s that time of year where temperatures outside drop, heaters switch on inside and most likely you
are changing from summer bedding to winter bedding. In the midst of all the season change, have
you thought about other ways you might get your home situated for cold temperatures and winter
storms? I came up with some good things to assess during this season.

Usually not something we tend to think about or look at on a daily basis unless there is a huge
windstorm or you find a leak. Take a moment to look up or go up on your roof to do a visual inspection.
Trim away tree branches that might be scraping on your shingles. Now that fall is done, make sure your
gutters are cleared out from leaves so the rain can drain properly. 

These could last a very long time but as we found out over the summer when our water bill got high,
there was a leak in the line outside somewhere and my husband spent days digging up the pipe until
he found the source - under the sidewalk!  Make sure no pipes are exposed to the elements where
they have a greater chance of freezing or breaking. Think about insulating exposed pipes with a foam
cover for better protection. **Good TIp** ~ Try turning off all the water to your house and check to see
if your meter is still running. If it is, then you need to track down where that water is going. 

Home Energy Audit
Most utility companies offer this so take a look at the website of whoever you go through for electricity
and someone will come out and see if there are any areas you can work on making more efficient.
They check the inside and outside of your home. You most likely have to pay for the audit but it could
save you money on energy costs by finding potentially unnoticed problems. 

You can buy thick sheets of plastic at Home Depot to cover the outside of your window frame to help
prevent air from leaking through and from precious heat leaving your home. Make sure the panels of
glass are in good shape. Caulk around the windows to be 100% sure everything is sealed. 

Check to make sure any weatherstrip is still in good condition and take time to replace it if necessary.
Other options are to apply foam tape, install new door sweeps or use a door snake. 

Air Vents
Close up unused vents by pushing the lever to close them. Another idea is to get magnetic sheets that
attach to the metal vents and help prevent cold air from coming inside. 

Ceiling Fans
Get on a chair or ladder safely, wipe down any dusty blades and there is a little switch on the base of the fan to reverse the motion of the blades. When you do this and turn the fan on a low speed so it goes in a clockwise direction, it makes the warm air at the ceiling move down to the living space. 

By taking care of your home in these simple ways, you’ll be saving money and potential wear and tear.
Plus when it’s time to sell your home, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve taken care of these
particular things so they don’t turn in to bigger issues when you get crunched for time during the
moving process. 

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