March Updates!

Hey friends! Tons has been going on, as usual, since I set off running in 2019! February was full of hot air balloon events, finished up a trip to Utah, a Pinterest party and started working on rebuilding our teardrop camper - finally!

March ...well, we are only a few days in, really but there is quite a lot going on and upcoming that I am soo excited about!

First though, links to February posts:



Teardrop Camper Updates

Now, what else am I excited about that is happening this month? 

Heading to Pinners Conference in Ontario with a friend and her son. I've never been to a California Pinners before so this should be cool to check out.

A teardrop camper meetup at Lake Perris the next weekend which means we need to hustle and get the teardrop ready to go! There's still quite a bit to do to get it ready for the road.

Then! I'm headed to ALT SUMMIT! Squeee! For the FIRST time ever. All caps = so much excitement. It's in Palm Springs, I've always wanted to go but it's mega expensive (to me) so I am feeling super blessed to have gotten chosen as a volunteer so wheee. I am only paying for a place to stay, probably food and whatever other things come along with the cost of going to a conference. Leave me a comment if you are going to Alt or have been before!

THEN! I'm headed to Craftcation in Ventura with my friend Marie. This is our second year going and volunteering. I am really stoked, last year was fun and interesting and thought I would try to go one (?) more time. I hope it goes well. I had a decent experience volunteering last year, not perfect but there were some learning curves because it was a conference I'd never been to before.

Next - we are in to April and I'm headed to Utah for Snap much.

Leave a comment and let me know what you are up to, I'd love to hear!


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