Getting to Know Your Homie Agent

**This post is sponsored by Homie**

I thought it might be fun to get to know one of the Homie agents so you can learn a little more about who they are and what they do.  Enjoy the interview!

How long have you been an agent with Homie?  
I began working for Homie in August  2018. I was the first local Real Estate Agent hired by the company.  

What did you do for work before your job at Homie? 
I have been a Realtor since 2007 and worked for different brokerages during the time since. Prior to that, I was a School Administrator, Teacher, and U.S. Navy Veteran.  

How many homes have you sold? 
In the MLS I have helped people buy and sell over 300 homes.   

Why did you choose to work with Homie instead of a traditional firm? (switch over to Homie) ? 
I had worked with the previous GM of Homie AZ in the past and remained close personally and professionally. He reached out to me in 2018 about a new company in town with a great vision and culture. I would have worked again with this person in a heartbeat but he convinced me on the values and mission of Homie and it was the perfect fit for me.  

What services do you offer through Homie that you couldn't offer through a traditional brokerage (?) 
We offer flexibility, ease, and transparency at Homie. We put the control in the hands of the customer and provide whatever support they need. Our community, radio, & online advertising all drive consumers to our website, which then helps them see their way to huge savings, whether buying or selling.  

Is there anything you can't offer when someone works with you with Homie? 
We've been fortunate to provide any and all support our clients have requested.  

What's your favorite part of working for Homie?  
Being a disruptor in the industry has tremendous appeal. But it's more than that, we are literally disrupting the industry for the better, and that is special to be part of.  

Thank you Wayne for being so willing to answer my questions and help people know more about you and how Homie operates.  If anyone out there reading this has any questions about Homie or if I can help you get connected to someone who can help you put your home up for sale or purchase a home using Homie, shoot me an email.


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