Master Bedrooms with the UV Parade of Homes

I was able to spend a few days going to the UV Parade of homes (last day is June 22!) and I went to every single home on the parade route. It was kinda crazy but really so cool to see so many amazing homes, gather ideas, take pictures and dream.

 I was able to attend the Parade of Homes this last week and did all 40 homes in 4 days. Say what?! It was a bit insane. I averaged 10 or so a day. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. It was quite the experience and kind of intense but it was so very fun!

In this post I'll be focusing on the master bedrooms I saw at the Parade of Homes and highlighting some things to do to increase the value of your home if you are thinking about selling or moving in the future.

Patterned wallpaper was a hit at the Parade of Homes. I noticed it pretty often! Some of it sure was pretty.

I noticed that shiplap walls are still very popular.

As well as other patterns of walls such as this one. It was fun to see the creativity in this room.

Loving the brick on this wall. One of my sisters did something similar to this in her home that she got from Lowe's or Home Depot and it looked really very neat.

Also, light is so important when getting your home ready to sell or if you are considering building a home. Not only does it bring in natural light that helps your energy and mood, it makes for better pictures when that time comes.

Inviting and cozy with some soft lighting and floral.

More mood lighting and simple but meaningful art on the walls.

Pay attention to smaller details such as decor and lighting. I was very impressed with pretty much all the homes in the parade because the lighting was so unique and I never saw a repeat. I'll be featuring lighting in a future post.

Pay attention to the small details. Stick with colors that go well with the theme of a room. Pinterest has a variety of ideas for doing this.

Some of my favorites HERE , HERE , HERE

Keeping the rooms simple, uncluttered. I know in real life my room gets cluttered with papers, clothes, stuff, super easily. But when you want to take photos that count, make sure those piles are cleaned up, gone through, put away, etc.

Quite a few homes had pops of navy blue which I thought was a great color. It goes along with many other colors and can be a great accent as well.

The home above was my favorite because they had corner windows with beyond amazing views. It felt so peaceful and relaxing and I would love to wake up to these beautiful views every morning. The whole house was gorgeous and I can't wait to share more from it!

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