Busy Being Sick or Something

This last week has been a busy one despite the fact I got sick Monday night when I got home from a VIP night at Zupas. Sad day! Just a cold but I couldnt seem to kick it. Had to go to work every day and I tried to email people instead of calling, which semi-worked. I was trying not to use my voice because it sounded so stuffy.  I had to cancel going to the mutual activity on Tuesday, roasting marshmallows (yum) and hotdogs (ick) ...we also had potential tickets to a movie screening but I didnt get off work in time to go claim them. Sad day! I ended up just staying at home not doing much which felt weird.

Wednesday the only thing I had going that i need to do was to participate in a focus group online about travel. It went from about 630-745pm and it was fun to get to know the other people in the group and collaborate with them. Being the only girl was kind of interesting. One guy was really intriguing, maybe about my age and he has traveled all over the world! He has lived off the grid for 6 months in CA. It would be cool to follow his adventures. 

Thursday I was still battling a really stuffy nose, a manly voice and little bit of a sore throat - mainly in the morning. I was taking OnGuard (DoTERRA) , putting Vicks on the bottom of my feet and on my chest and throat and taking some Echinacea. I had a Paparazzi Jewelry party planned for that evening and that day at work 2 people canceled coming and so did a couple other friends. Made me pretty sad because I tried to get the word out but it's just a really busy time of year for people. I get that, but if its something I really want to do or a friend I really want to support - I dont care how busy I am. I will do all I can to arrange things so I can stop by. Esp if its a come and go event - like what I was hosting. Kind of a bummer when other people dont feel the same way. I had 2 friends show up -thank you thank you! and a great friend who ordered a necklace when I posted a little collage on Instagram. I swore I was never going to do this again, its too hard to get people to come to anything I try to set up...Pinterest parties included.

Friday I met up after work with Laura, Rocky & his sister Rossmary at the expo center in Sandy for the "What A Woman Wants" show. They have these shows pretty often but I always end up going even though a majority of the same vendors are there. Rossmary had never been before and was really intrigued by it all once she got there. She got her hair braided, hair chalk in her hair and airbrush makeup done on her face. I got a henna tattoo on my hand which I was pretty stoked about. Stayed for a couple hours and called it good. I picked up Tony and we went to Holladay, to El Chihuahua to meet up with my friend Kylee from Las Vegas. I felt bad being all stuffy and with a yucky voice but it was really cool to see her and meet some of her friends.

Saturday! Oh Saturday! I was soo glad to get off work and have a lot of hours to do whatever I wanted to for my weekend. Tony & I helped my friend Emily get her table out of a storage unit in SLC and we took it up to her place in Layton. Got home and I felt awful. I ended up sleeping all afternoon while Tony went to study at BYU. I finally woke up and met up with a friend at Tai Pan Trading for the Waffle Love truck. Stopped by JC Pennys, 2 Michaels stores, Jamba Juice where I 'paid with Isis' and got a free Jamba, cold booster/blaster one and they messed up my drink by making too much? so I got a larger size than anticipated. That was cool! Came home and Tony was back but still doing homework. We ended up going to Walmart after midnight to get ingredients for feeding the missionaries dinner on Sunday. Then Sunday morning they called and canceled on us. Too bad they did because the food Tony made was super delicious. They missed out!

Now it's Sunday night and I just finished watching the American Music Awards a couple hours ago - it was good, I liked the performances by Luke Bryan , Macklemore and Florida Georgia Line & Nelly. I finally opened my laptop which I have not done for the past few days - rare thing for me! I'm behind on so many things but it was easier to lay on the bed next to Tony with my ipod touch in my hand , trying to keep up to speed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and reading emails but not responding to anyone.  

How do you battle being sick with a cold? How was your week and weekend, do anything fun? Tell me in the comments below!


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