Thanksgiving in Idaho

I just got back from an awesome time in Idaho for Thanksgiving with my family and Tony's family. We left late Wednesday night after I took forever to pack, then we met up with Laura & Rocky at In N Out for dinner and then we were on our way to Boise. Tony drove the whole way which was surprising because usually the last hour or two he gets tired and I take over. It was nice to finally get to my parents house and go to bed.

Thanksgiving Day, I was a little sad to have missed the parade on TV. For some reason my brothers always manage to find a football game to watch instead. It seemed like not much time passed at all and we were sitting down to eat. I took pictures and made a Vine video of all that but it will be posted soon so I will be sure to link to it here.

Tony and I didnt head out to do black Friday shopping until about 8pm and we were able to get everything his mom wanted us to get for her at Target. Win! We spent 2 hours in line at Kohls - fail - but we got some really good stuff - win! 1/2 off the entire store at Old Navy...yesss and we stopped at Shopko since it was just next door. The other stores I wanted to go to didnt open for a few more hours so we headed home around 2am to sleep. I was up online though til at least 3/330.

Friday-day was full of more shopping and deals. I was sad my brothers didnt want to go, or if they did, they had to work. Better luck next year. Tony was such a good sport and went to the mall and Plato's Closet with me even though he had homework he wanted to be doing. We went bowling with some of his family at Big Al's in the evening.  I'm a horrible bowler (I got an 82) but it was fun.

So much more to write... but I have pictures to post too so I will try to get that up this week!

Blog updates, all I have for you guys right now is my trip to Vegas in September. So check that out and comment if you like!


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