Love with Food Box

This is my second box from Love With Food so I thought it might be cool to review a little bit of it. I actually won the first box in a blog contest and I have not canceled the subscription yet. It's $12/month which isn't terrible but when you are trying to save money for big life things you try to cut out all the little things. 

Here's a closer picture of the box and here are a couple items I really liked 
(besides the Necco's...)

I am not a fan of figs but this Fig Bar - Strawberry was so delicious. There were 2 pieces inside and the flavor was really good, not grainy. I'd eat this again as a snack.

This was my #1 favorite in the box I think. Not huge into salted caramel stuff either but this....was so delicious in my mouth. Starts out tasting sweet like caramel popcorn but then my mouth filled with a salty yet still sweet flavor. I wish I had a bigger bag of this!

Overall this is a great way to try samples of food you might not get to try usually. You can order more from their website or possibly find some of this in a local store. 

Learn more and sign up here 
Sorry I dont have a coupon for you guys!


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