First Picture On This Blog! Woot!

First, just wanted to let whoever is reading this know that I posted about going to Glen Canyon Dam in Page AZ on mine and Tony's travel blog so if you want to check that out and see a ton of nice pictures...go do that! I need to be better about posting on the travel blog....I need to post more of the Page trip and there are a few other trips (including Labor Day weekend in Idaho with Tony's family!) that I still need to blog about. Need...want...I def. want to! and need, because I dont want to leave anything, esp big things - undocumented.

I went to a blogger event tonight that happens once a month called Connective Circle. It's a series of workshops and social events and they are always really good & I usually learn a lot. Most of the time they are held on a Tuesday night which doesnt always work (I often pick it over going to YW's though...cough) but this time they had it on Wednesday which was nice because it's usually a night of the week I dont have anything going on (lies - usually I do). It's not free to go but it is worth the money. I will blog more in detail about at Stacie's Place - uhh the other Stacie's Place. 

For now, I will grace you with a picture from tonight that Aimee took for me.
Everyone loves a hat that can hold chips and salsa for you (kinda like in Despicable Me 2).


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