Super Crazy!

How crazy is this...I started this blog - with just one post - back in 2006! I forgot allll about it until my friend Aim brought it to my attention today that she had been thinking about me and my blogs and after doing some searching online, found this domain and it belonged to me! Wheee! Yay! I had totally forgotten about ever starting this blog but I sure am happy it's been found. I have so many blogs and I am going to use this one to tie them all together. I will also use this as a place to type and post whatever  is on my mind or that I want to share. Usually I would post my thoughts and feelings on a private blog but I think I will bring some of that here with whoever wants to read it. So stay tuned, I'm excited to organize everything!


Aimee said…
Holla! That is so exciting. I'm glad I could be helpful for once!
Stacie S-H said…
Umm whatev ! You are always so helpful!!

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