2013 Honda Accord Review

My blogger friend Sarah posted on Facebook about the opportunity to test drive a car from Ken Garff Honda of Orem and be treated to a meal. Free food? Test drive a car with no pressure of a salesperson? Count me in! We started out with a drive over to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I got the spaghetti with mushroom sauce. So delicious!

Can't forget the spumoni!

Now on to some of the features I loved most about this car.

Loved this button to turn on and off the car. No need to put a key in! This is handy esp at night , you dont have to fumble for your keys in the dark.

Want better gas mileage but a little less power in the engine and ac? Pressing this button gives you better gas mileage. I think I'd have that button pressed all the time!

I would totally use the heated seat feature in the winter here in Utah

Super love that there is an auxilary port and place to plug in a USB. I get excited when any car has this because my car currently does not have this feature

I backed into this spot with never turning my head. I went super slow, was nervous but I did it! The camera also can be switched to look at the ground underneath the car where the camera is.

Need to pass someone but feel like someone might be in your blind spot? It's one thing to turn your head quickly to check and see but it's a whole other thing to just turn on your right blinker in this car and look at the dash which shows if there is a car in your blind spot and if it's safe to move over. I've never seen this feature in a vehicle before and I liked it a lot. 

Sarah had her phone synced up via bluetooth so we could listen to her music, some fun tunes! It was quick and easy to do and I believe you are able to sync up more than one device which is nice. 

White lights, nice for your eyes when driving at night. I also liked the feature that says what the temperature is outside. Very handy.

One thing I didnt take a picture of but that I liked a lot was that the back seat was very roomy and spacious. Lots of leg room. 

I'm more into hatchback style cars right now but i did love the design  of this car and would add it to the small list of cars I'm considering after I sell my current car.

Bye Maddie! It was so fun to hang out for a couple hours and get to know you and your cute kids and this awesome car better!


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