Do You #PayWithIsis ?

I've been paying with Isis all summer and I love it!  Isis is a free app you can get on your phone and use if your phone is equipped with NFC. You can see if your phone qualifies here. It first was only available in Utah and Texas but has recently become available nationwide. 

Basically when you hook up your credit or debit card, you can pay with the Isis app. Handy not to have to carry a wallet around, just a phone! In order to promote the app, Isis has teamed up with places in Utah such as restaurants, a movie theater, a grocery store and more to give $1 deals. Isis is paying these places the difference so the companies arent losing anything by participating. 

Here are some of the deals Tony & I have enjoyed using a lot and these promotions are good (in Utah) until the end of the year.

- $1 medium pizza with a topping from Wasatch Pizza. You can order more than one at a time but have to scan  your phone for each transaction separately. Tony ordered 30 pizzas once for a study group at BYU, I ordered 10 for a mutual night activity, we ordered about 20 pizzas to give to the homeless. We have eaten so much of this pizza that we have had to take a break for awhile. It's pretty tasty though and for $1? Cant beat it. 

- $1 Jamba Juice (or free ones too!) It was nice when they had the free and $1 promo going on at the same time. I'd go in to a Jamba Juice to get a free one for myself and then $1 for one that Tony could have.  Recently I've had a bad cold and have gotten a couple of the cold buster Jambas and I honestly believe they have helped me recover a bit faster by getting all the extra vitamins in me.

- $1 Barbacoa burrito or salad bowl. Another place where they let you order as many items as you want, you just have to pay for each food item separately. We have gotten some tasty food here and one burrito can last me for lunch for 3 days because they are so big.

- $1 milk at Whole Foods. The milk is Winder Farms and sells for $4.79 at Whole Foods. This store is trickier to get multiple of the same item at because their machines, when you pay, do not like duplicate transactions. They have to ring one milk up for $1 and some change which is ok because it's still cheaper than almost $5 for a gallon of milk! 2%, 1%, fat's been great getting milk for this amazing price just by paying with Isis. 

- Toasters - $1 meal. This is a sandwich shop in SLC and when I worked at White Label Marketing, Toasters was literally downstairs just one or two businesses over. $1 for a $6-8 meal. Sandwich, chips and a drink. I would often get Tony a sandwich when I got off work to bring home for him. I got my coworker food a few times. So fun! I miss working so close to a Toasters.

Some other places that have the $1 deals that I have yet to use are:

$1 Large popcorn, $1 candy, $1 large drink at Megaplex Movie Theaters
$1 16 oz drink at beans & Brew
$1 bottled drinks, $1 Icee Fun cup at Lagoon
$1 burger combo from JCW's
$1 green smoothie from Roxberry

Where can YOU pay? Check out this link to see just what stores around you let you pay with Isis. In the app you can download coupons to use locally as well. 

What dollar deals are around you?


Aimee said…
I need to figure this out already! Teach me!
Stacie S-H said…
Ok, yes! Most of the deals end at the end of the year. Hopefully some get extended. I think a couple did already, so that's good

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