It Pays To Be Patient

I was craving kabobs from Texas Roadhouse on Saturday evening but by the time we were able to go, it was after 11pm and they were closed. I mentioned it to Tony on Monday that we should go share a kabob for dinner and to my surprise, he agreed. 

We got in and seated without too much of a wait. We scarfed down our four hot buttery rolls and waited. And waited.  I was very thirsty. Servers were walking past us, serving tables, cleaning up tables and we waited. Finally we got the attention of our server, Clay and he was so apologetic that we had been sitting waiting so long to order. I knew exactly what we wanted; kabob with meat done medium well on a bed of rice with a side of mashed potatoes. Brown gravy on the side. I wasn't expecting him to say, "What else can I get you? It's on me. How about some blooming onions?" I was so taken aback. He kept trying to make it up to us!  

Turns out the couple before us had sat there forever, for so long after they paid their bill that eventually Clay just kind of tuned them out because they were done needing anything from him. He didn't notice the people changed when we sat down and it took him awhile to notice. He felt so bad!

We ended up with an appetizer (cheese fries - our favorite), extra potatoes & gravy for Tony and a strawberry lemonade for me and then he brought me a virgin Shirley Temple drink with not one but two cherries. Hip hop hooray! Then he brought me a couple to go cups and a bag for all our food. And a whole to go box of extra rolls. He definitely went above and beyond for us.

It definitely paid off to be patient and not get upset and rude to anyone about having to wait so long to be able to order our food. Ended up being a great night at Texas Roadhouse!


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