Figuring Out My To-Do's

Do you ever make yourself a to-do list and it looks miles long or is so crammed on to a sticky note that it just feels overwhelming to look at and you dont even know where to start , even when its sorted into categories? How is that for a run on sentence!?

I put all the to-do's I could think of on this stick note the other day. I even put it in to categories this time. Blog. Shop. Clean. Other. Christmas. Just looking at this small piece of paper with tiny writing makes me feel like shutting down & not doing a single thing because its just too much! But while I sit at work I have so much motivation to get these things done. When I get home it seems to want to drain away. Motivation down the drain. 
Maybe it is the super cold weather?

Working 8 hours a day can be tough. I am so blessed to have a full time job though, srsly. I got very used to working 6 hours a day for the last few months and having a lot of time to do things when I get home. Maybe part of the problem now is that it is dark outside and I feel like there is less time to do things. Maybe the problem is that I get home and get easily distracted by anything and everything that is not on my to do list. I thought writing it out on a paper would help instead of having it on my iPod. I thought writing it on my hand would help. It did a little but not as much as I hoped. I thought about it today and I think that my current to-do lists makes me feel like they are impossible to accomplish. I think I need to order it not in categories but in order of most important to least important. To me though, everything is important and must get done the day I write it down! Sadly, it's not reality.

I attempted, I did, I tried a few days ago and came home with good intentions to not get distracted so I was downstairs doing the dishes. Had to unload the dishwasher and on my 3rd time of reaching down and grabbing silverware, I cut my finger on one of Tony's Cutco knives that have recently been sharpened. At first I was stunned by the pain and my mind with racing on what I should do. So I stuck it under the running water. A lot of blood seemed to be coming out of my finger so I grabbed a clean paper towel and put pressure on and went upstairs to call Tony. I'm so glad he answered and he was already on his way home. I was standing against our bed with my head resting on the mattress and knew I needed to get on the floor and lie down before I passed out. I felt so light headed. Tony came home and took a look on my finger and got a bandaid on it for me. I hadnt eaten dinner yet so this is probably why I felt like I was going to pass out. That evening I pretty much took it easy and didnt work of anymore of my to-do list. It hurt to type so I mainly used my ipod touch til I fell asleep. So glad my finger is feeling better now.

Anyways. Back to the topic at hand. I think my goal for 2014 is going to be to better organize my life so I can get more done. I'm all for being spontaneous and doing what I want when I want but being like that does not get my to-do lists done. I also think my to-do lists could possibly be shorter if I worked on it every day instead of letting it pile up and look impossible. I am working on setting attainable goals for my blogging, how I keep in contact with friends, shopping habits, projects I work on with people long term and a few other things I might blog about another time.

I'm sensing also that my theme next year, as it was this year, will be to FOCUS.


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