Traveling in 2018

I've been thinking a lot lately about the places I want to go next year. How about you? 

I would love to take a trip to Portland to go to Crater Lake, visit Salt Lake City lots!, go to some new National Parks and explore more in California since I don't know how long we will actually end up living here. Part of me is surprised we even bought a house since we can't decide where we want to settle and live permanently. The other part of me is glad to have a home base but a little sad we are gone so much that it's hard to get to know people here that well since we are always traveling.  C'est la vie!

I started a cool spreadsheet last year I think it was, with columns of all the states in the US. Then, the ideas of places I see that I want to visit (mainly via Instagram) I put in to the spreadsheet. I must say that Arizona, California and Utah have a lot of places I want to see and restaurants I want to try. A lot of states are empty but eventually I will Google cool things to see in those places in case we ever go to..Nebraska or...Tennessee. I just dont really follow people who live in those places I guess so I haven't saved any cool pictures that would be good places to travel to, yanno? I will probably do a post on our travel blog soon that documents what places we plan to head next year in case anyone wants to join us - especially at the balloon festivals because they are way fun!


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