Black Friday Shopping Holla aka Haul-ah!

Do you guys love Black Friday shopping or do you avoid it like the plague? I remember my mom taking me and my sister out when we were young..12? I am not sure, but to Joanns and it was Black Friday! We got up so early it was dark outside. When I became a few years older somehow my sister and I would do Black Friday shopping at the mall in Woodland, CA. It was better then than it is currently.

Now I'm married and my inlaws like to do Black Friday shopping and my siblings..not so much. Those that do are usually not able to come to Idaho where I am at for Thanksgiving so it ends up being me, Tony, his sister, sometimes other siblings, and his parents. We all start out shopping separately and then meet up. If someone wants something at a certain store and another person is starting out there, they pick it up for that person. It works out nicely.

This year it was a bit different, Tony and I started at Walmart at 6pm. We picked up a soundbar ($29), lots of pop sockets ($2/ea), some kids clothes for my nieces and nephews and a SD card for his mom ($8). This was pretty much it and even though the aisles were madness, we got checked out in no time. His mom had started earlier since they do their Thanksgiving on Saturday. She went to JC Penny and got a $10 off $10 coupon. Then she went to Best Buy to get the Ring doorbell for Tony & I for Christmas. Ahh I am so excited! We combined the $50/ea that she gives each kid & spouse and asked for the doorbell. I'm glad she was able to get it! I am not sure where Trishna started but she and her husband met up with us at Target and then we went to Old Navy, Michaels and Kohls. So convenient they were in the same parking lot.

Tony & I went to Gordmans, Shopko...and the rest of the night is kind of a blur. We never did meet up with his mom. Trishna stayed with us and her husband and daughter went home. We ended the night at 3am at JC Penny, a store Tony & I were not planning on going to but I found a super cute long sleeve shirt for $12 and leggings for $5. I dropped Tony off at Trishna's so he could be there to watch the daughter (well everyone was sleeping anyways) so Trishna and her husband could go to JCP early in the morning. I went back to the inlaws house but was so hyped up and figured since Tony's mom would be up in an hour to go to Fred Meyers, I'd just stay awake. Well...nope! I fell asleep with the light on, his mom never came to get me and I woke up with a start at 6:15 and left the house around 6:30 to go to Staples.

Staples opened at 7 and I thought it opened at 6 so that was a relief that I was able to get what I wanted there. 3 packs of Sharpies + 3 for Trishna. In the end they will be 1 penny each with rebates. SO GOOD. Next I headed to Joanns and got some great items on sale and picked up Tony at Trishna's. We went to Savers, Craft Warehouse, took a break for lunch at Tucanos with my dad, went to Hobby Lobby, back to Craft Warehouse and I think Walmart again. Then to dinner at my parents and I was feeling done. Up for too many hours straight with only 1 hour of sleep. I dont know when the last time (Black Friday wise) I did that!

But we got tons of good stuff, the crowds were manageable, the line at Kohls was ridiculously long and slow (wish we had gone to the Kohls at the mall in Boise instead of Nampa), my fear of getting rear ended or in an accident was #fakenews and overall I am pleased with how the experience went!


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