Lots To Do?

With upcoming trips and the Pinterest party I feel the pressure to get as much as I can the days I am home and don't have as much set in stone I need to do. Just because I dont have much planned doesn't mean I am making plans of things to organize, go through, schedule, blog about, clean up, etc.

Set for this week is laundry for sure, gotta get that done. Working on the schedule of lessons somehow for next year in Relief Society...the whole lesson format is changing so I am not really sure how to do the spreadsheet but at least I can get it set up I suppose.

I have a plan to find some easy Insta Pot meals to make in San Diego next week so we are not eating out for every meal.  I am excited to go and do some things we did not get to see, eat or do last time we were there which honestly was just a few weeks ago but the inlaws were with us so we did what they wanted to do. Which was all fun stuff...Mormon Battalion, Old Town San Diego, the zoo and we did a quick drive through Balboa Park (my idea) so they could get an idea of what it was like. Fun trip!  

I'm looking forward to having Tony off work on Friday for the holiday and fixing the front window we installed as well as installing the other 2 windows plus doing any other home projects that need to be done. Whee yea!


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