The Process of Downsizing

I may have talked about this a few months ago on the blog or maybe I haven't yet. I am not great at keeping secrets and I feel like today is a good day to talk about what my "one little word" (or phrase) for next year is going to be. Especially because I did something this morning that reminded me of my goal for next year. 

I've been starting this project early (it's not 2018 yet!) because I am anxious to get the ball rolling and I got a burst of motivation. However trips and visitors to our place have made my motivation come and go.

So! My goal/theme for next year is "Collect moments, not things." Those who know me know I have a tonnn of crap and it's not pretty. Okay, it is. It's stuff that has made me happy over the years...collections, childhood toys, etc. just sits. I don't have kids. Everything is organized in to tubs and nobody gets to look at or enjoy the stuff except me.

I met a really cool girl in Arizona who rode up to Utah with me a month or so ago and she is a professional home organizer. She talked about how getting rid of our things makes a difference when we know it is going to a good home vs. handing it over to a thrift store where who knows what person will end up with it. Especially if its stuff you are still sentimental to. I get super attached to my things! Memories! I dont forget who gave me what or where things came from or how I acquired it. So this makes complete sense to me.

Example! I've collected cute little erasers over the years...okay, to be honest, the collecting probably stopped when I was in my 20's or even when I was a teenager. They are fun to look at and remember collecting, however...they just sit in a mason jar on a shelf where nobody can look at or play with them. Then one day, my friend was over with her daughter and her daughter found them and wanted to play with them. She was so excited about them and had a hard time putting them back in the jar when it was time to go. After talking to my friend on the roadtrip, I realized that I would much rather get rid of the erasers to this cute little girl who had so much fun playing with them rather than donating them to a thrift store. Sure, I'll take a picture of the collection so I can remember it but it's not necessary to hang on to them any longer. 

Now, if I can just keep this in mind for other items I should be getting rid of, it'll make the process a whole lot easier. 

There's more I could say on this topic but that's all I will talk about for now. Thanks for reading!


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