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We are here! We made it! It felt like the drive here took forever but really we just made a stop or two along the way (dinner..gas...checking out some cool teepees people can camp in!) and we got to the Catamaran Resort and Hotel probably around 8pm or so. We were surprised to find out our room had a little kitchen and I think some people in the elevator were a bit jealous of that when they saw us going up with a crate of food and our InstaPot and made a comment. I felt so lucky but we were prepared to make food without a kitchen and just use the ice chest to keep things cold. It all worked out great and it's so super awesome to be able to stay in such a nice place, so close to the beach, for an entire week!

There are about 6 parrots that are on site and it is fun to watch them on their perches. I try not to turn on the TV in our room during the day or I'll get sucked in. It's bad enough that I get sucked in on my laptop with 20+ tabs open but at least the wifi works out on the sand! Haha.

I met up with my friend Judy at the zoo around 10am and we spent the next few hours riding the zoo tram and visiting exhibits. Even though I was there just a few weeks ago I feel like I got to see a lot of things I hadn't gotten to see the first time around, the reptile area, turtles, gorilla and of course I had to revisit the pandas! It was so much fun and I stayed until 3:30 or so even though Judy had to leave earlier. Luckily the drive back to the hotel literally had no traffic, that's rare!

We ate in and lounged around. My feet were tired from all that walking at the zoo and Tony seemed pretty tired from his long day at the conference.


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