What I Learned from Stuart Edge

Last Wednesday I got to go to Dev Mountain in Provo to hear YouTuber Stuart Edge speak. If you have not heard of him, definitely go check out his channel. He is pretty funny!

He spoke about "How To Be Funny & Make Money" which caught my attention although I did not know that was the topic before I went. What drew me in was who he is (I have seen him before and watched some of his videos) and there was free food afterwards. Spoiler alert - it turned out to be just cookies. All I wanted was real food! However, Sodalicious has fantastic cookies, esp their sugar cookies. 

Alright! Here are my notes, enjoy.

Figure out what you do. Figure out who you are. 
Don't paint yourself in a corner 
We paint ourselves as something. Facebooker. YouTuber. Don't paint yourself in a corner. 
What/who does the real world say I am? Give yourself more room to grow. Vlogger? Ok a 
reality tv show. How are my ratings. How can I grow? Expand your brand. 
Figure out how we can make money 
Watch That Thing You Do movie 
With what you love to do, do you want to do that the rest of your life? 
Try and make money thru paid jobs. 
Comedian? Do commercials or shows. Pay based on talent. 
Sponsors - Plaid Social - Ricky Butler
People / sponsors who like YOU not your following 
Merchandise. Music. Video footage. Tshirts. Wristbands. 
Last: Ad revenue - avoid making money just on this. It can hinder creativity. 
Don't apologize! For making money. 
For putting an ad up. It's a turnoff. When big companies see that, they see you are not 
FOLLOW TRENDS. Trends are good. Hashtags. Harlem Shake. Ice bucket challenge. Trends are 
amazing. That's how you build a brand. That's what the normal person is watching. Is a way 
to show you know what you are doing. You know the current events going on. It's ok! 
Follow trends? But be original. You are creating your brand. It pays off. 
Make money off your talent and who you are. 
Creator studio on YouTube. Free music. Ad supported music. YouTube has music you can use. 
Agency Zephyr. Brock. Good brand deals for creators. 
Maker studios. 
If you are focused on ad revenue it's going to be hard to work with networks 
"Consistent content is a consistent audience." - Devin Graham
Stuart is talking about blogs! Blogs picking up his videos and sharing them 
The power of something stupid! Book by Richie Norton 
Just go out and do your crazy idea. Don't worry about what others think.  The brain is powerful. 
So...hope you liked all that and learned from it. I know I did!  I hung out a bit afterwards but got super shy and didnt talk to anyone so I just ate my cookie and people-watched for a bit before heading home. I feel like it was worth the 40 min drive there and back. Plus it was cool to hear Stuart speak in person and give personal experience and share some of his videos which I hadnt seen yet.


James said…
Interesting. I have a blog myself. I wouldn't like to make money at it, but I just want to get people to read it... Especially those suffer from the condition as me.

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