So Call Me Crazy!

How many of you feel like it was a whirlwind of a summer? Inbetween working full time, 2 classes at LDSBC, homework, roadtrips and my husband's summer internship, I can't believe the long warm days of summer are over. Tear. I heart summer. 

Here are some links to what's been going on so you can catch up!

I got to go to the Mystery Escape Room at the Gateway mall in SLC. Does your city have one of these? It was a pretty fun experience!

There was a hot air balloon event every weekend in June, so crazy fun! I loved all the roadtrips and visiting some of my favorite small towns in Utah. We volunteered at an event in Springville which we had never gone to before.

There were not a whole lot of blogger events this summer but I did go to one at The Roll Up in Orem which has crepes - one of my favorite foods!

Tony & I had a fun little trip to Idaho for his nephew who got baptized plus we got to see family and hang out for a few days. That's always nice!

My friend offered me two tickets to the Neon Trees concert and Tony & I were able to go and have a really fun time.

This year marks the 10 year mark I got home from an LDS mission in Portland, Oregon. I just HAD to go back and visit and I actually bought plane tickets on my phone at the Neon Trees concert (before the show started, of course). This trip to Portland was one of THE BEST. Seriously. I have a few more posts to do about the trip but here's one to start you off

While I was in Portland, lucky for me, I got to take my friend Lindsay to one of my favorite craft stores - Craft Warehouse! If you have never been, you gotta go sometime! It's the best!

There are hot air balloons every year in Sandy which is basically down the street from where we live. I went in the morning and at night to see the balloons. So worth it!

I was super stoked to participate in The Color Run 5K again this year and some of my friends came which made it even better! I missed going with my sister but it was fun to go and still know people who would hang out with me. 

You may or may not know that my husband graduates in the spring and is applying for jobs all over the place. He didnt want the stress/hassle/trouble of transporting our honey bees when we move so he ended up giving the 2 hives of bees we had away to a couple who keeps bees and then harvested the honey that was left behind.

Bucket list item accomplished! I've always wanted to go to a lantern festival, especially after hearing / seeing so many pictures and video of the one in Las Vegas last year. Lucky for us, the Lantern Fest came to Grantsville and we participated as volunteers.

Not too many bummers happened this summer but one big one (more for our neighbors than us) was a 4plex fire just 2 buildings down from us one night. Scary stuff. 

I knew I had to embrace the fact that fall was here when I went to the annual KSL Preview night to see what new shows would be coming out this season. One of my favorite events!

I know a lot more of what I did is missing here but do not fear, I will link you to those posts next time! Leave me a link of something fun you did this summer & I will check it out and leave a comment. 



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