I Never Want To Forget These Days

Times are changing, the world is crazy. Things will change in my life, dramatically or not, maybe even less than a month from now. What I do know is that I never want to forget these days. Mainly in my own personal life.

I never want to forget the times when Tony is in school or working his internship and we dont get to do as much together because he is busy with all that. His working on a website for BYU or endless hours of studying with his headphones in or falling asleep with his laptop.

I do not want to forget when I decided to go back to school to get a degree in Social Media Marketing after not being in college since 2007 and the fun times, things I learned and the friends/connections I made and continue to make. Winning the selfie contest on the LDSBC Facebook page, that was fun.

I do not want to forget living where I live. It may not be my dream home but it's what I've known for the past 4 years since living in Utah. The crazy neighbors. The cool neighbors. Swamp coolers. Thieves. Paying an awesome price (to us) for rent. Access to the freeway and Bank of the West. Peruvian Restaurants. 

I do not want to forget the fun roadtrips and places we go. National Parks. Hot Air Balloons. Airbnb. Couchsurfing. Hiking. Camping. Smores. Our tear drop camper. Rideshare. Numerous trips to California, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.  Sometimes Wyoming. Traveling to Vegas for CES. Our travel blog. Documenting with tons of pictures. Camping with friends. Camping together. Snuggling under the stars. Foil dinners. 

I want to remember my ward and the people I met. The friends I made that always moved because they bought a house. My long calling serving in the Young Women program and now as Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. Ward parties. Service projects. The occasional Relief Society activity. 

I want to remember all the jobs I had here in Utah after my work from home job with AZ ended. So many jobs here because they were through temp agencies. Weir Minerals. Integrated Services. WGU. Tai Pan Trading. Being on unemployment multiple times. The stress of looking for work and submitting my 3 jobs a week.  The fun of having freedom every day but knew it wasn't going to last forever. Employers that treated me nice. Employers that treated me not so nice. Making lasting friendships with at least 1 person at each job I've been in. 

I want to remember my hobbies and things I like to do. Hanging out with my sister and her boys. Going to garage sales every Saturday. Attending blogger and community events. Food truck roundups. Car shows. Trying new restaurants. The dollar theater. Festival of Trees. Womens Expo. Scrapbook Expo. Pinners Conference. Build Your Blog Conference and soon Snap Conference. Doing crafts with friends and Pinterest parties. Having to celebrate Daylight Savings again. My Pass of All Passes. RSL games and the oval track at Rocky Mountain Raceway. Endlessly cleaning my place and trying to get rid of piles and working on downsizing. Movies in the park. Going to the drive-in in Tony's truck with our bean bag chairs. Comic Con. Seeing the Tree of Life at Christmastime in Draper. The 12 Days of Christmas. Traditions for the holidays. Playing the Wii. Buying and selling things on KSL and the yardsale pages. Going to Tony's work Christmas party and getting my our name drawn for an iPod touch or National Parks pass. General Conference Weekend. Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. 

Next year Tony graduates. I will be done with over half my classes that I need to graduate. He is applying for jobs in other states. Who knows where we will end up or how we will live. In an airstream traveling all over with telecommuting jobs? Buying a house with more room and a yard with a firepit and garage? Renting again?

I am sure there are many things I am forgetting but this is what comes to mind at 2am. It's overwhelming to think about all the changes that will be coming up but I know one thing that won't change, that I do not ever want to forget these days.


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