Choosing A,B,C vs. A-Z

WHY do I feel the need in my life to have so many choices! I am starting to realize that it just makes things harder instead of easier.

Take for example, clothes. Those who know me well, know I have a lot.  I say I wear at least 90% of what I own, depending on the season. I like to have options because I have a lot of colorful shoes that I need to coordinate with my outfits, right?

But having so many options gets overwhelming and makes me late for work.  3 pairs of gray pants, 3 pairs of black pants and brown pants, skinny jeans, athletic pants, leggings...I wish I could decide what I liked best and just stick with that, but I cant seem to do that. For awhile I was in to the colored or patterned jeans but lately I just dont want to wear pants. Haha, just kidding. I just want to wear soft , comfortable pants. Not pants that are tight on my legs. It just feels so restrictive. Maybe I need to lose some weight? Or get a little less skinner type of jeans? No! I have too many pants already. If anything, I should be downsizing in that area. I dont know why I struggle each day to figure out what color to wear. Its not a huge struggle but I need it to be faster than what the routine is right now.

Shirts. Tons of shirts. Long sleeve, short sleeves, quarter length sleeves and capped sleeves. Shirts for layering, like tank tops. Plaid short and long sleeve shirts. Shirts for Sunday. Shirts with logos. So many shirts in so many colors. Owl shirts and bird shirts in general are something I am a #1 fan of so I have a fair amount.

Dresses. Skirts. Maxi skirts and knee length skirts. Wrap dresses. I like to take my #ootd and #selfiesunday pictures for Instagram and dont want to post the same dress every week. It would be nice to just have 3-5 things I can mix and match instead of 15 different options in my closet. If only it were that easy. I have colors for fall/winter and spring/summer. Sunday clothes are not things I wear during the week unless a dress-up event is going on. My Sunday clothes tend to be a bit dressier than what I wear on a day to day basis.

Jackets. Hoodies. Sweatshirts. Button up and zip up jackets. Jackets/sweaters for church because the building is cold - even in summer. Work is cold with the ac blasting - even in the summer I am sure. I have the bigger closet where we live and its full from end to end. A smaller section is dresses and a couple hanging organizers but the rest is jackets. 2 jackets from my mission are still hanging in there. Shameful I guess to have held on to them for that long. 

With all the clothes I have.. I do try to recycle, ie: post them on apps like Mercari and Poshmark in hopes of selling them for a few dollars. I post them on the yard sale pages with usually not much luck. I would love to host a clothing swap with friends but nobody has seemed too interested. I did host one once and my sister + 1 friend came and we had a blast but it would have been cool to have more people there. 

Pretty much all the clothes I buy are from Savers or D.I to be honest. Sometimes garage sales. A few have come from stores like Plato's Closet, Uptown Cheapskate and Hut No. 8.  I rarely pay retail price for clothing. My like for clothing seems to change so muc that its not worth spending $30 on a shirt because I am only going to like wearing it so many times.  Why am I this way? Is it because where I live has so many shopping options around me?

I have recently heard of a minimalist living lifestyle and it intrigues me. I have been slightly tempted to give it a try and challenge myself to do it but am afraid of failing I guess because I have so many favorite shirts, dresses, jackets and pants. How do I narrow it down and decide!? I have tried the 'turn your hangers backwards and when you wear the item, turn the hanger forwards' and it has worked a bit but my closet, especially the one with jackets, is kind of tightly packed so its hard to do that. 

I wish I knew why I felt the need to have choices that run from A to Z instead of just a few choices , those can be my A,B,C. It is nice not having to do laundry very often because I dont run out of things to wear however, I spend a lot of time deciding what to wear sometimes and it feels so ridiculous that it should take that long. I will put an outfit on and decide I dont like the way it looks or fits, throw everything off and try again. Oye. 

My sister has helped me match up shirts to skirts which I think has been really good to have every outfit hanging in the closet, ready to go. I need to be more strict with myself that when I put an outfit on, if I dont like it for whatever reason, it needs to go in the donate pile. I cannot keep hanging on to items that I constantly tell myself that I will wear another time. It's a waste of time and space.
Have you run into this problem? How do you combat it or are you still trying to figure out a solution?


I hear you. The choices can get overwhelming when you have so much stuff. Here's what I do and maybe it will help you. I choose a category - say jackets. Then I take out every single jacket and I line them up on the bed - most favorite to least favorite. Then I pick a point on the scale and everything in the least favorite category below that point, out it goes!
Kara said…
I will do a clothing swap with you. There are a lot of ladies at WGU interested as well. I am serious- this is one of my goals this year. Call/text/email me! Let's set it up. Also I miss your face bd

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