The Ups and Downs of Life

My first week (er, day) at LDSBC seemed to go well. I only had 1 fail where I had a smear of chocolate on my jacket. Maybe it blended in and nobody noticed (hopefully). Tony wasnt home to check me before I wrecked myself.  Sigh.
Luckily in my classes I dont feel like the oldest one. It feels like mostly a good mix. It will be interesting to go to class tonight and see who has still stuck around.

Tony and I are sharing a car at the moment. My poor HHR. Tony's poor truck. I feel like I dont have good luck with cars and I have not even had the HHR a year yet! Both of our vehicles are drivable but need work so its best to avoid driving them. My HHR died last week waiting for my sister in the Smith's parking lot. A kind teenager used his truck to help me jump my car. I got it home and it promptly died in front of my house. I started driving my Mazda again. I heart that car so much, despite its problems.

Since Tony had Monday off of work, we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch on Monday and a lady and her daughter pulled up in their Mazda Protege5! I get so excited when I see these cars. It took most of lunch to work up the nerve to go over and talk to them but I did it, on our way out, and the owner of the car gave me a high 5. She only has 80k miles on her car. Say what?! I can only wish my car had that many. It's currently at 220k. Later , driving down State St, they were driving next to us and they waved and gave us a thumbs up. Phew. I hoped I didnt appear all crazy eyes about Mazdas to them at the restaurant.

I went in to yet another temp agency on Monday to fill out paper work, do an Excel test and drug test, etc. Hopefully I can find a job soon.  I'll say though, it's been way nice not to have had work these last couple months. I've gotten so much done. I can hang out with my sister and her boys whenever. Or other friends. Or do errands during the day when its light instead of at night. So many pros...but also cons. Not having a paycheck really stinks and trying to sell things on the yardsale pages, eBay, KSL and Craigslist is super slow. 

At least I was able to pay for my first couple classes at school and for some car parts so Tony can fix the HHR.

These are just the ups and downs of life!


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