Late Night Thoughts

I have so many things going through my head tonight so I thought I would write them down. Here goes! 

It's less than 40 days until Christmas and I have barely done any Christmas shopping. This is the first year in a very long time that this has happened. I tend to shop throughout the year. This year, not so much.

I do not want to be a crabby and stressed person in December but I have a feeling that's going to happen whether I like it or not.

I am already thinking of the Christmas themed Pinterest party but I have to make it through Thanksgiving first before I can commit fully to it.  I have a couple crafts I need to put together to make in Idaho with family and that combined with food we need to bring and planning a strategy for Black Friday's just too much to think about all at once. 

I guess I have Christmas on my mind. How ready are you for Christmas?

I refuse to decorate or have anything much to do with Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.

Moving on. Let's get more random.

Beachbody program and working out. I have so many friends in to it right now and it is kind of annoying but intriguing at the same time. I have no desire to work out and eat super healthy at the moment but maybe someday. So many people around me are having strokes it is not even funny. Some people die, this is so so sad to me. Others have no lasting effects from it it seems.  Other are affected in a way that it takes them awhile to recover. I have heard of 5 stroke scenarios now and they are all people I know or that a friend knows. Yikes! My Cricut machine. My Minc machine. So many great ideas in my head for projects I want to do but I do not make the time to do them. Work sucks up 8 hours of my day. Then there is school (which I love) , homework (which i usually don't mind) , community or blogger events, cleaning, errands, car repairs...and before I know it my craft time is whittled down to zero. I know its all about priorities...I hope the good ideas in my head don't disappear before I can get to them. Owl Cafe. This idea is still in my head. Maybe I can make it a reality someday. We'll see. I'm having a little more luck selling things online, just a little! But it's progress and I'll take it. My coworker offered to keep my bikes in her storage unit til February. Hip hop hooray! My sister is hopefully coming to pick up my extra washing machine any day now. I seriously just need a house. But I am still entertaining the thought of living in an airstream and traveling the US for a year or two or more. I can't believe both Tony & I graduate in the spring. Seems far away but also it doesn't.  I am excited to see what next year brings.

There's more in my head but its almost 230am and my eyes are closing. 

What random thoughts are in your head at the moment?


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