Early Spring Cleaning

I super love that the daylight is lasting longer. It's happening slowly but each day is a little better. The longer it stays the light, the more I feel like I can get done. Especially things outside.

These past few days I have gotten a lot better somehow about getting rid of stuff. Or at least, committing to get rid of it and organizing clothing , shoes, craft supplies and other items into a donate and sell pile. 

Unfortunately the pile to sell grows bigger and I am not really getting much sold. I did sell one item from the Facebook yardsale pages. I sold another couple items on eBay. Made less than $30 but something is better than nothing! More things are posted so fingers crossed I can make a few more sales. Eventually though I  will have to decide what to just let go because I just keep re posting, it doesn’t sell and it takes up way too much space.

The other day my friend came over and helped me go through my closet full of jackets and sweatshirts. She offered and I knew I had to get someone else helping me or I was just never going to do it. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I would find anything to get rid of because I wear so much of everything hanging in there, especially because its wintertime and long sleeves are handy. However, I was extremely shocked and also pretty happy, that I had a stack of items to sell or donate once we were done. She was so nice about it too! Much different from when my mom came and helped. My mom was helpful but...so strict. All in all, I'm so grateful my friend came and helped because we were able to organize things better plus I learned if you zip up your jackets on the hanger, it gives you a little extra room. Who knew?! Well, probably everyone knew except me but, you know. It's a work in progress and I am so happy for what we accomplished!

Now, on to more tubs, boxes and the office/craft room. Oh my!


Aimee said…
All about finding the right spot. Don't have to get rid of everything, but things you don't use in 2 years (not just clothing) it's time to get rid of. If things don't sell, sometimes Ya just gotta donate or trash, and learn the lesson of watching what to buy. Trust me I'm going thru that right now. I'd much prefer the space/clean home. :). Keep it up, don't give up.

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