Employed Again!

Many of you reading this are most likely aware that after my job at WGU ended in early November, I've been looking for a job and working with temp agencies. I've had interviews here and there but nothing happened from them. Until last Friday I got a call asking me if I was still looking for a job and would I like to come in for an interview on Monday. Stupidly I said I could, forgetting that Monday was a holiday. Oops. I had badly wanted to go to Capitol Reef National Park to see a friend, hike and do fun things but I was unable to find anyone who could come with so I decided not to change the interview and just stick around town for weekend. 

I went in at 10am for the interview...well I got a little lost but luckily was only delayed by a few minutes.  I started filling out paperwork and by the time everything was said and done , about an hour and a half later! they were offering me the job. I was stunned because I never had anyone offer me a job so quickly before, at least, not that I can recall. I was granted some time to think it over before I made a decision. I had another job that I was waiting for a 2nd interview for but after contacting them, the interview wasn't able to happen yet. I had another interview set up but I ended up calling to cancel when i realized and confired that it was only going to be a part time job. I didn't want to settle but I didn't want to keep waiting to start a job again either. I ended up emailing and letting them know I would accept their offer and come work for them. Hardest email I've ever had to send! It felt so good to know the job hunt was over but scary too because I don't want to let anyone down. 

So! I start Wednesday morning and I was luckily able to get Friday off for Build a Your Blog conference and L2E (college conference). Hallelujah. 

I think it will be challenging to go back to working full time after being off work for so long. I know the next few days will most likely be exhausting but hopefully not too terrible. More in the sense that instead of waking up at 8 or 830 , I have to get used to waking up at more like 7. Eesh. I've never been a good morning person but what can you do?! 

The job details are that I will be doing office work and data entry for a Utah based company that sells home decor. They have a few locations in Utah, a couple in California and one in Boise. Fingers crossed I catch on quickly to all I'm taught and that I fit in with everyone. There is one lady in the office that seems in charge, one girl hired a couple weeks ago and then me. There is a guy who does payroll and HR then the people who work in the warehouse.  I think one of the owners comes in somewhat often and the other one works out of LA. 

And of course, after I send the email accepting the job, I get calls and emails from at least 8 companies today asking if they can interview me. No joke. Ok...one was a focus group I had signed up for but still. Omgosh. Where has everyone been these last few months! Serously. 

Hoping I won't be too terribly nervous on my first day and that the time goes fast. I think I'll be ok but any extra prayers or good vibes you can send my way would be appreciated! 


JamesLSkinner said…
Congrats on the job! You will do well with it I'm sure.

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