Longhurst Carpet Cleaning Service

I saw a post on Facebook from a carpet cleaning company called Longhurst Carpet Cleaning. Their deal was great, $1 per stair and our stairs were terrible! We have lived here 3-1/2 years and do not take our shoes off when we come inside so you can imagine that they were pretty filthy looking. In fact, here are some pictures to prove it. 



Yea. Embarassing. I couldnt stand it any more and this deal was the best and so I scheduled them to come on a Saturday in October.

It was the day of our ward trunk-or-treat party. Tony really wanted to borrow their company vehicle (a hearse!) for the trunk or treat but we didnt. That would have been cool though!

The owner and son his scrubbed our stairs from 930 until about 1130am, with a brush , on their hands and knees. I was very impressed seeing them do that.

And the results were nothing short of spectacular. 



Seriously so clean you could eat off them. It's been a few weeks now that they have been cleaned and I am happy to say that we have been pretty good about taking our shoes off when we get in and only walking with socks or bare feet on the stairs. They still look very clean!

They only charged us $10 even though I swear there were 12 stairs (Tony thought we had 14! haha) but I paid them $20 because they did such a fantastic job and worked so hard and $10 didnt seem like enough.  If you would like to use them to clean your upholstry, carpet , etc....contact them below or check out their Facebook page.

 I cant wait to use them again!


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