Staying At Home?!

If you know me well, you know how much I love to roadtrip and not going anywhere on a rare three day weekend is a waste. We had three ideas of places to go this weekend, Montana, Wyoming or Colorado. On Thursday we decided that we were going to Colorado. Tony got home early afternoon and we did a few things, then he had some homework to finish at Byu so we went to Provo and found a Peruvian restaurant to have dinner. Well, we were both dragging and tired and I don't think we were ready for another roadtrip so soon after getting back from the Panguitch weekend just a few days ago. Are we getting old?! We've been out of town the past few weekend and I guess we overestimated ourselves. I was a little hasty and texted my uncle to let him know we were coming and then I had to call him this afternoon that we were not coming this weekend after all. I was so disappointed! I don't know if the heat is zapping our energy or what. It's been in the upper 90's, close to 100* some days but not as hot as Az gets. The fact we don't have actual ac makes things worse I think. So, since we didn't plan on being in Utah this weekend we had to scramble to find new plans. 
We started out the morning by getting traditional donuts and then joined our friends Gabe, Steph and Austin in West Jordan for a parade. We rode Tony's motorcycle which made it nice and easy to find parking. After the parade we stopped at home to finish watching a Redbox movie and we got groceries and ice cream at Macys , fireworks at Smiths and now we are headed towards dinner and then fireworks. Not sure what we are doing for dinner because we has a pretty late lunch. 
Hope you and your family are having a nice and relaxing 4th of July! 


Sounds like a fun 4th to me! I love a good relaxing weekend at home :) Though, I'll admit, I wish we got out more like you two! It's hard when everything from here is SO far away.

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