Salt Creek Imports Trailer Rental Review!

 Salt Creek Imports is located in Springville, UT and recently started renting out a few trailers they acquired to people who wanted to take them camping. It's a nice way to test out a trailer for a few days (if you are in the market for one) or just try a different way of camping.  It's so easy to have access to a tent but not always as easy to get access to a trailer. But now you can! Salt Creek Imports is so easy and friendly to work with. 

Last weekend, Tony & I and our friends Lindsay, Garrett & their son Rylan , we all headed down to pick up a trailer to camp with for the weekend. 

Dave is the owner and he met up with us when we arrived to give us a tour and information about the trailer , to sign a waiver form and put down a deposit. We rented the 31' trailer which weighs about 7700 lbs. Garrett's diesel truck was able to pull it with no problems. 

We were headed down to Goblin Valley and we stopped about 30 minutes outside it to fill up with water. It was nice to find a gas station that let us fill up with water - for free!

We made it to our camping spot around midnight and while Tony & Garrett worked to make sure the trailer was level, I unloaded our belongings and the trailer started to feel more like home away from home. It comes stocked with everything but your food and clothing. How's that for convenient! 

The next morning Garrett made us a super delicious breakfast

Rylan visited me via the screen door. It was handy to have 2 entrances in and out of the trailer.

We left Tony in the trailer on Saturday to do homework while the rest of us went for a hike. For an additional fee, you can rent a generator. The generator really came in handy when Tony needed to charge his laptop. The generator also helps power the electrical outlets. The trailer has ac and a microwave but I believe you would have to be getting full power (campsite with power outlets) to get those working. There are solar panels on the top of the camper that help with the internal lights and other things to operate the trailer.

Came back to our campsite to find Tony & the trailer alive and well. 

The kitchen area was small and cute, very manageable. 

I tried to do a panoramic view...fridge, microwave/kitchen area on the left...the right side pulls out and away to make the room seem larger which was so neat!

Back bedroom area had a queen'ish size bed and lots of storage places, decent lighting 
and plugs.

Bathroom was tiny but so nice! Lots of storage space in here as well. Across from the bathroom was a shower and there was an outdoor shower feature is included.

Looking from the back bedroom towards the front. This was on Sunday when we were cleaning up to return back home and so the right side of the motorhome was slid back in to normal size. 

Photo credit to Lindsay for this photo taken at Goblin Valley State Park

It was a little tricky to find where to refill the propane at first, only because we live more in SLC so we were not as familiar with the streets of Springville. Eventually we found a gas station who could refill the propane, hooray!

One of the side windows...makes for an awesome view while camping!

Waiting for our propane refuel. 

The guy finally arrived!

We filled up the propane and the gas for the generator and returned our trailer back to it's spot and we were done!

Important Information:

$75/day or $400 for a week
Honda generator can be rented for an additional fee

photo by Lindsay M.

If you are looking to rent a trailer, I would suggest giving Salt Creek Imports a try! 

photo by Lindsay M.

Where is your favorite place to go camping?


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