Hard Freeze Warnings

How have I not blogged since the beginning of the month and now its the end of the month! Aiai! How are all my blog reader friends doing?

I woke up this morning to a very overcast sky and on my way to work it started hailing. I made it inside and when I looked outside an hour or so later, it was snowing. At least it was sunny when I got out of work for the day. There is a hard freeze warning set for tonight, made me glad I haven't planted my garden yet. Or that Tony & I have not gotten more bees (our 3rd set :-/ ) yet.

I've been busy clearing out clutter , piles and trying to organize the things I do want to keep, better. Lots of bags to donate. A few things I will try to sell. The rest has been going in the dumpster. It's so refreshing and I wonder why I dont do this more often but it does take time! and I also need to get in the mood to be on a cleaning frenzy.

Tony and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary on the 23rd of April. We were supposed to go to Gem Mountain in Montana last weekend but thanks to the weather, we had to postpone. We ended up eating at HuHot (Mongolian style food) and I bought him another hive of bees since the ones he bought flew away and he bought me a Roku3! Super excited because to watch other shows on the TV upstairs, we had to hook a laptop in and since Tony's laptop died we havent had an extra laptop to do that with. So it's a gift we can both enjoy! I love being able to control it with my ipod when watching YouTube or other channels.

I met some friends through another friend on Instagram and after you check out their website, you will see where I am going with this. Both of these friends have an Airstream trailer/camper and travel the United States. Each for different reasons but nevertheless, its pretty freekin awesome I think. Tony and I got a tour of our friends Airstream and ever since that day we have talked about just traveling around in one for awhile. After he graduates anything is possible I guess! There is soo much to plan out and it's really fun to talk about and think about.

This upcoming month is a busy one. Lots of trips planned and enough during the week to keep me busy! Cutting out projects on the Cricut Explore, my sister is having her baby tomorrow and I cant wait to meet my new nephew.  This blog will soon be a dot com so hooray for that! Tony started another semester of school today and is taking 1 class, maybe 2 but the one he has is going to be pretty challenging I guess. Hopefully we will be able to work some on our teardrop camper and fix it up a bit for camping this summer.

Anyways, I was thinking about this, that sometimes in life we have hard freeze warnings. Things get hard. We have to freeze what we want in order to take care of other people or things or 'adult stuff'. Warnings, well sometimes things mess up our plans in life with no warning. Be flexible. Dont stress. Watch for signs that you need to change up your routine. I am so behind on my blogging but am trying not to stress about it. I got no warning that I would be taking a 'break' again and it is hard! But sometimes you have to sit back and give up all the control and let life happen. This are not deep thoughts at all but the phrase 'hard freeze warnings' just got me thinking.

Stay tuned for posts coming more often - the weekly posts are back and then some!
Stay warm!


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