Movie Review: Rio 2

I won two screening passes  (Thank you Salt City Weekly!) to see Rio 2 this past Saturday and I was so excited because!

A) I love winning contests
B) Tony and I had seen the first one on our honeymoon
C) It's been awhile since we have been able to go to a movie screening

We almost turned around when we got to the theater because people were holding their green papers and walking back towards their car from the movie theater. I decided to jump out and double check and I am so glad I did because there were still seats left.  People had just been walking out to their cars to put their phones away because they would not be allowed in to the movie with their phone. 

The movie opens to the public on Friday the 11th. I dont want to say too much about the movie and besides, I have never reviewed a movie on this blog yet. But I do want to say I really enjoyed this movie - I smiled pretty much the whole time. We saw it in 3D which was fun and the soundtrack was pretty awesome. There were a lot of familiar voices in this animated film such as Anne Hathaway, Bruno Mars, Jamie Foxx and Pretty cool! Let me know if you plan on seeing the movie. Did you see the first one?


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