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I have never had anyone professional come and clean my home before so it was a real treat to have Glover Cleaning Service come and clean 2 rooms of my choosing! I picked the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen.  I didnt think either was too terribly dirty but they are my least favorite rooms to clean. Mainly the bathroom is what I avoid cleaning but once Glover came and cleaned, it has been easier for me to keep it up somehow.

This is my before picture but sadly I didnt get any close up details...just a general overall view. Yes, my kitchen really is this small! 

They cleaned my burners so well I was very impressed with how clean they got them

They cleaned and organized the stove area better

Sparkly clean microwave again!

Fridge shelves were wiped down and there were no spills or smudges on the shelves

 Now on to the upstairs bathroom!

The tub has been getting harder for me to clean and was looking grungy. 
Not anymore!

All around the base of the toilet, even hard to reach places, have been cleaned of dust and yucky things

Toilet bowl had hard water stains inside and seemed impossible but now, water stains are gone and it looks brand new! I never thought this could happen.

Rack above toilet was organized and dusted

Overall I am very very impressed with Glover Cleaning Service. I was a little hesitant to trust someone in my house when I was there but everything went off without a hitch. I worked with Dwight to get everything set up and he was fantastic. I cant wait to use Glover Cleaning Service again, seriously!

Click here to get to their website and if you schedule with them, 
tell them you saw my review!


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