Fantastic Weekend Fun!

I had planned to leave work at 5pm on Friday but then my supervisor asked me to work on a couple snow removals for ATT (cell towers) so I stayed until 6/630, I cant remember. I was so antsy to start my weekend! Finally got out of work and met up with Tony. The story of what happened next is here , so you totally have to check it out & read about what I bought that night!

Saturday we finished up some things with the purchase I had made Friday evening. Plus I had to work for 3 hours, oh well. Hopefully the days of working Saturday are over soon. Fingers crossed, we'll see. We got a late lunch at Firehouse Subs. I bought some awesomely fast cell phone chargers from a lady a the Facebook yardsale page. It actually works and stays tight in my phone which is hard to find. We went to Savers and Tony found some much needed pants. Finally went home and just laid on the bed and chilled. It was a tiring day! I did watch my 2 year old nephew later that evening which was fun.

Sunday ...I'm so glad I didnt have to teach today! This is the second Sunday in a row where we have shown up for church and the parking lot is completely full so we have to park across the street. Last Sunday there was a missionary farewell or homecoming but today? I am not sure. Tony and I had to say the opening and closing prayers in sacrament meeting, one of my least favorite things to do but at least we didnt have to speak. However, next Sunday the YM & YW are singing in sacrament meeting and all the leaders have to get up and sing with them. The weather was nice enough that we went for a ride down State Street on Tony's motorcycle.  Came home and later in the evening Tony set up my sewing machine. Happy day! He hemmed his pants and fixed one of my shirts. I am excited to have it out of the box & all set up now. Threading it is the scariest part! But Tony did so good at figuring it out.

I found out today I won a Facebook round robin contest and I won $20 to Origami Owl! I love the product but it's so expensive so I've never made a necklace. March 17th they have a hot air balloon charm and a teardrop camper charm coming out! I am soo excited. I am getting those for sure!

So all in all it has been a pretty fantastic weekend. Gearing up now for another work week, I hope it goes fast. The days are pretty crazy busy so that's good. Tuesday I will have YW at the church making banana splits - heck yes! Hopefully getting some more blog posts up on my other blogs this week to link them. I have found a super cool site that lets you create buttons and banners, etc. Lots of free images or you can use theirs for $1 or upload your own.  In fact, I made the buttons that link to my other blogs on the right hand side ...over there somewhere ======>

My Cricut Explore has finally shipped as of Saturday!  Yahoo! I sure hope it gets to me before the 18th. You better believe I will track it every day. For those of you who knew I hadnt told Tony, well, he finally knows. I got a bonus at work and mentioned that I could use it to pay off the Cricut and he was like what?! Haha. It all went down okay though. Maybe I wont let myself open it until I get the craft room cleaned up. Hmm.

What exciting things are going on in your life lately?


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