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Commitments. Goals. Resolutions. Whatever you want to call them, they are always good to have whether you start them on January 1st or July 1st. I've been thinking a lot about my 'theme' for the year these past couple weeks and really trying to apply it to my life.

My friend Jibby did a really cool thing with her commitments for the year that I keep thinking about and revisiting in my mind or actually clicking back to her post because I just love how she has picked each month to be a topic to focus on. To me, that really simplifies things and gives a better focus than being overwhelmed with so many new goals all at once. 

I am no where near getting all my thoughts out as organized as my friend did, but bouncing back to my theme for the year I can give a little update on how things are going and where I'm at, or not at. I know it is barely one month in to the year but already I can see improvement in certain areas.

So I know the post that introduced my theme for the year wasnt super specific but hopefully that is something I will be posting about here soon. A few of the things I did mention though were - 

Blogging~I have tried to be better about blogging and getting pictures off my ipod and into a post and backed up in a couple different locations. I feel like I am doing a bit better with posting more often but I have a long way to go and this isn't the only thing I want to improve in. I went to a Connective Circle/Mom It Forward class last week to learn more about Google+ and it was very helpful. I have tried to comment more on people's blogs. This is about it so far.

Friendships~This is something I haven't really gotten to yet like I have wanted to but there are still 11 months left in the year, right? There are some friends I have barely talked to this year and that makes me sad that I havent made the time or maybe I just need a break from certain people? I dont really know. I have become better friends with certain people at work which is pretty cool and helps the time go by faster to have them to talk to. I posted a FB status where the first 5 friends to say "I'm in" meant that I would make a visit, send them something, etc along those lines. I feel like I have posted this status the last 2 years and not followed through but I have written everyone's name down where I can find it easily and am making a plan of something I can do for each of them. Hopefully this year I can be a better friend and follow through on my FB status.

Commitments~Trying to stick to my word and not overcommit but this could definitely use some attention.

Saying No~I have not worked on this yet except for the fact I interviewed for a part time job that a friend recommended to me. It seemed like it would be great but after talking it over with Tony I quickly realized that I would get very burned out working full time at my regular job, then every evening Mon-Sat from 6pm or maybe 7pm until 940/1040pm at night. I emailed the people I had interviewed with and let them know. It was hard to do but I think I made the right decision. 

Church Calling~ I have already seen an improvement in this even though I have not been able to make it to every Tues night activity. The first weekend of the month I was driving to Las Vegas.  The next week I was able to attend but this past Tuesday I was unable to leave work until 630 and by the time I got home and changed to get over to the ice rink where everyone was, it was 5 min to 7 and when I looked online to get the address, they were closing at 7. I was pretty disappointed! I should have just left work but felt like I had a commitment to finish a work order I had to get dispatched. Better luck this next Tuesday.

Marriage~ I'm trying to step it up in this area in the sense that I'm trying to be more independent and not rely on Tony for so much. Instead of asking him to do something for me, whether it be with my car , around the house, researching something, making a decision,etc., I am trying to quit being so...lazy? and get up and "step it up" to make things happen instead of waiting. He isnt always around, he has work, school, homework and sometimes if I want to get things done I need to do it myself.  This isn't a bad thing and I do still rely on him for some things but I feel like maybe I was getting a bit too needy/lazy last year and I can certainly change things. 

Personal Life~ I'm still trying to figure this out and break down what I want to work on.

So there you have it. The honest truth of where I'm at with my goals for 2014. How are you doing with your goals? Comment if you want to share!


dash said…
Great Blog Stacie! I think you're making major progress. I'm really proud and very impressed! Keep going!
Aimee said…
Good Idea to blog about it! Brave too! I believe that goals can start any day too! even on a wednesday! haha. Keep up on them goals girl!
It sounds like you have some amazing goals/directions for the year. There are a few of those I need to take notes on, too :) Keep up the good work!

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