I've Been Busy...Catching Up On Blogging!

I have been crazy busy with the holidays and busy again even though the holidays are over. I'm kind of in a weird blogging mood, I'll go days without opening my laptop and then a night like tonight happens and I post a bunch of things. So here are some links to what's been going on lately or what I am catching up on. Enjoy!

I've passed by this many times but it wasnt until Tony and I spent a few days in Page , AZ for a balloon festival, that we actually got to explore and take a tour of Glen Canyon Dam

Have you ever been to Hole In The Rock? I want to explore more next time in this area because we didnt have much time as we went through recently and it the sun was starting to go down

My first time ever in Yellowstone National Park happened late last year and it was such an adventure! I cant wait to go again!

Of course if you go to Yellowstone, you can go back to Utah by passing by the Grand Tetons. Amazing view and next time I want to go more in the morning when the sun is at a different angle. This place was pretty awesome!

Okay, enough traveling adventures for now, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family & loved ones. Here is part one of my first time ever spending Christmas in Idaho.

I'll catch you up on everything again soon! I need to blog about the zoo lights at Hogle zoo, checking out the window displays at the Grand America Hotel and part 2 of Christmas in Idaho. Stay tuned.


Sean and Deana said…
I'm the same way with blogging. Its hard keeping up with it sometimes. I'm glad you wrote some posts :)
You certainly have been busy! And I so love the Tetons--they are amazing. I think I took about 500 pictures while I was there this summer :) Glad you got some posts in!

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