Just Checking In...


Popping in to say Hello and give some updates! Would love if you are reading this to leave me a comment and let me know what's one fun or interesting thing going on with your life.

It's been a bit since I've been over here but I have been blogging over on my craft blog and travel blog. So check that out if you fancy seeing anything going on over there.

I've been pretty active posting over on Facebook and Instagram if you feel like you are missing out on anything going on with me. But as for here and now...

Tony & I were up in Idaho for a couple weeks for Thanksgiving. It was awesome to see our families, eat good foods, shop the sales and try to do things as normally as possible. I got to go see The Forgotten Carols with  Tony's mom and stayed busy during the day with errands, crafts, and some time at my parents' house among other things. We were there for 2 weeks! I missed my birds, she shed and mail the most. Lol. 

Now we are back in CA for a couple weeks and I have not been shopping at any stores! Trying to stay healthy and well so that we can go back to Idaho for Christmas. I can't wait even though it'll be colder than November but it will be nice to see family again. Maybe more of a lockdown on the shopping or waiting until times of day are less crowded to go out. We'll see. Trying to do a compromise with Tony.

I've stayed so busy being back in CA...working on neighbor gifts, friends gifts, hosting a virtual Pinterest party, decluttering, reselling, house projects, lots of freeze drying and some crafting. Looking forward to 2020 being done and to better times - fingers crossed - in 2021.

Hope you've stayed safe and well this year and I'll be back soon!


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