Farewell 2020 and Good Riddance

A ton of crappy things happened this year but pales in comparison to those who lost their lives to Covid. I have been lucky (?) enough to not have gotten it yet even with traveling and being out and about.

For a long time my sister and I would trade surveys for the year with each other, to fill out on New Years Eve. For a few years we stopped but I decided to start it up again this year and made a link in case you want to copy it and fill it out for yourself. It's not all cutesy because I am not good at that kind of thing really (but would like to be!) so here's the link and leave me a comment if you fill it out. You don't need to share your answers if you don't want to but I did include mine below. 

I truly hope 2021 is a better year for you, for your family, friends and everyone in general. I know 2020 stretched us and made us grow in ways we never imagined. Praying for better times to be learning and growing next year!

Looking back on 2020

Top 3 favorite things I did in 2020

  1. Trip to the Oregon coast for Tony's family reunion

  2. Pinners Conference in AZ with a friend

  3. Family reunion in Idaho in August & Evan’s reception

Top 3 crappy things that happened to me in 2020

  1. Pretty much all of my trips/festivals/events got canceled

  2. My job with Homie got put on hold

  3. One of my best friends in Ridgecrest had to move away

Favorite memory of 2020

Being able to visit friends in Portland after the coast trip. See people I haven’t seen in a really long time. Working on house projects with Tony to make our place a nice place to be. Finally getting solar hooked up!

Hardest thing about 2020

Not being able to attend events and conferences in real life. That was really hard to put most all travel plans on hold / make new ones. Staying home for long periods of time. Drove me crazy eventually.

3 New Things I did in 2020

  1. Learned how to work with resin better

  2. Practiced wood burning

  3. Learned how to use our freeze dryer

3 Favorite meals of 2020

  1. Peruvian Food at home and at restaurants

  2. Dream Dinners

  3. Most anything Tony made

3 Favorite Songs of 2020

  1. Peace in Christ - McKenna Hixson

  2. Break my Heart - Dua Lipa

  3. Waves - Mr. Probz

3 Things I want to learn or do in 2021

  1. Learn how to work more / better with resin

  2. Take more trips and go camping with the teardrop

  3. Start an email list for my blog.







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