Let Me Link You Up

I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's day last week, whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, I think it can be a fun day. It all depends on how you look at it. Tony & I did some fun things which I will be blogging about soon, but for right now, take a look at the Valentine themed Pinterest party I hosted. Too fun!

I got to go see the Sacramento Kings play the Utah Jazz at the end of January with a couple friends. It was so fun to hang out with Nicole and her friend and watch our hometown team play. Super huge thanks to Nicole for picking me up because my car was leaking radiator fluid like crazy so I didnt trust driving it anywhere, esp. all the way downtown. Tony wasnt home so she was my only hope! Or I could have ridden the train I guess...

I am in love with the new Cricut Explore machine. It slices, dices, cuts, draws and more. I was stoked to be able to play with it some last week and get to know how to use this awesome crafting tool better. 

Have you entered to win a wood watch yet? There are about 13 days left in the contest so you have some time to enter but I would not delay if I were you. These watches look pretty cool, I love the design. 

Oh man, grilled cheese is one of my favorite foods and Cravings Bistro is not about just cheese and bread. There's so much more you can do with grilled cheese! They are moving locations so Tony & I ate at their (now old) location, one final time before they closed. If anyone in Utah ever wants to eat there with us in the future, let me know. We love it!

My font looks huge in "Large" size but too small in "normal" size. What do you think?

The hunt for a car goes on. Thought I had almost found the perfect car but luckily an extensive all over inspection at a shop on Wednesday uncovered a bunch of problems that I think raised a lot of red flags for me. So disappointing. I found the same car, less miles and less money, in Colorado. The problem is that a) someone else is interested and getting the money together tonight to buy it tomorrow b) no automatic window's or locks. I dont know if I can go back to the 90's! This is a car I would keep for 5 years or longer. Tony found a kit online that we can make the doors and locks automatic ourselves. Hmm. Need to figure this out really soon. I have a guy on State Street who is going to an auction on Friday again and has his eye on a car for me. I need to go south to some other places on State Street instead of north. Would be nice to find what I am looking for really soon. Car shopping gives me a headache. What task do you have to do that gives you a headache?


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