My One Little Word for 2022

This is it folks. My word to focus on for the year. 

Last year I did pretty well with my word and had many different categories for my word (which was Grow). This year...instead of having tons of categories, I'm going to focus on less areas that need to be worked on, thus, simplifying (see what I did there?) so I don't get burned out or feel overwhelmed.

But who am I kidding? I already feel overwhelmed. This year of 2022 has not been kind (minus the fact I got to attend CES in PERSON! with good friends..that was awesome), the rest of the days this month so far have been less than pleasant. I hope to get out of this funk soon and on to bigger and better things.


So for my word Simplify, my goal is really just a desire to downsize and de-clutter my belongings. Why? Even though many of them bring me happiness, they also cause me a certain level of stress. And in my life, stress can tend to create drama.
Drama with who? Tony mostly. He doesn't say much but I can tell that he really is dismayed and unhappy about all my 'items' that fill every nook and cranny of our house. I don't like the stress and tension that comes up when he decides to talk to me about it.
Drama with what? My emotions. When I think about how much I truly have of a certain category of item (clothing, craft supplies, etc), it brings that stress which brings the drama inside of me. Even if it doesn't spill out for anyone to see.

What items in my life do I want to simplify?

  • Clothing/accessories for sure. There is so much that doesn't get worn or used.
  • Craft supplies. I use so much of it but there are things that haven't been used or touched in a long time that I need to let go of.

  • Possibly food as in snacks. I love buying snacks when they are on sale for road trips. I don't snack much at the house. But all the snacks start to pile up because they don't get eaten fast enough and it's really just soo many options of snacks which isn't necessary even though I love having options.

  • Things. Just things. I truly don't need to hang on to so much like receipts, items from people that have served their purpose and brought me joy but now just add to my stress of having too much, decor that I'll never rotate back in and use, items from past conferences and shows that I don't have a use for but took because it was free. (I'm a sucker for free stuff, can you tell?) We all have things but I don't feel like I need to have SO many things.

    This should be a good start I think. I haven't really broken it down into what I am going to work on when (like into months, quarters, etc) but I have picked up the reselling game again (selling from my closet) and have sold 3 items this week, on Facebook Marketplace of all places! So that's been encouraging. Online app sales are still stagnant but I hope that changes. I hope to do a yard sale or two this year when sickness' going around settle down again.

    If you have any tips or ideas on how I can declutter easier and part with my beloved possessions without so much heartache, I'd love to hear it. Leave me a comment or let me know as well if you can relate to this!

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