My One Little Word for 2021

 Every year that I've picked "one little word" to work on, it hasn't been little. It grows, gets complex and has lots of facets to it. But that's okay. I have 365 days to work on it, right? So with that being said, my word for 2021 is,

I did not take choosing my word for the year lightly. I never do. I give it lots of thought and consideration. At first, the word that came to mind was "can". Like, "I can." But..."can" seems like an odd word just on its own. I hear it and think of canned veggies or fruit. So what can I do? What did I need to be able to do in this new year?

I need to do some hard things. Mainly body related stuff and there is really only 1 hard thing that tops the list. So lets get into the categories of areas I can "Grow."





First up - physically. I take this to mean body stuff - which I am never good with. I avoid body related things at all costs because it freaks me out I think. Gives me a lot of nerves and anxiety. So the main body thing that tops the list is that I need toenail surgery. Again. It'll be a never-ending issue I think unless I get my big toenails permanently removed. That thought terrifies me. So in the meantime, I need to get the one on my right foot removed as the nail is growing in layers and starting to lean towards the right a bit. So gross, I know. I put it off and put it off and just ignore the problem. I have had the toenail removed on my left foot and it has not been pleasant. The recovery after surgery was brutal ( I do not have a high tolerance for pain) and the nail did not grow back properly and at some point will need to be removed again. Barf. 

Then..lesser things. Dental care. Maybe get the mole on my back removed. But other than that, I feel pretty darn blessed to not have any major health issues. At least, none that I'm aware of ;-) I also plan on ordering new tubes for the bike I got last year and to start riding. Esp now that the weather is pretty much perfect for being outside.

Next - spiritually. The goals I set in that area for the year are to do my ministering (formerly visiting teaching) every month. I did so-so at this last year. I probably did better at it than I feel like I did. But recently got a new companion and new sisters to check in on. In home visits are rare anymore and kind of stopped even before covid started. I know 1 of the ladies since I moved here but the other 2, no clue who they are in real life. We've not ever met face to face. So my goal this year is to contact them monthly and see if I can help them in any way. Easy enough, yes? As long as I don't push it to the last day of the month... 

Then also, I want to work on getting all the girls camp paperwork moved online. Yes, I am still the ward girls camp director but since it's a stake girls camp, I just have to have a meeting to fill the new campers in on procedures, answer questions and have everyone fill out the paperwork they need in order to go. I also attend monthly meetings and help with rides up to camp and go to camp for the week, if possible. I went in 2019, then it got moved more virtual in 2020 and this year? Who knows. I need to see though about getting permission to move the forms and submission to an online way. 

Lastly, getting a better schedule for my Sunday. We used to start with watching Music and the Spoken Word with the Tabernacle Choir on BYU TV, followed by a few shows that were lined up after that. But now...our ward meets at 8:30am. The same time as Music and the Spoken Word. I am not thrilled about that. Still meeting over Zoom for now so I need to figure out how to adjust the rest of the day because last year church wasn't until 11:30 so we got a few hours in the morning to wake up, have breakfast and watch some church related shows.

Now - mentally. Ah mental things. Lol. There is still so much I want to learn and do! I still throw around the idea (since I was as teenager) of learning ham radio. I'd also like to get way better with the Procreate art app on my iPad. I plan to pull the trigger on starting an email list this year as well with the first one going out in January and monthly after that. I really hope I can keep it going.  I had an online "ezine" as a teenager and it went quite well but nowadays there are so many more details to be aware of I feel like. I want to do more crafting, try more projects, keep doing Pinterest parties. Keep learning things about social media to keep those skills sharp as well. 

Marriage-  I hate when it feels like Tony & I are living as roommates. Date nights get fewer because we dont take the time or energy to plan something. I miss how easy it was to go do fun things when we lived in Utah. We dont kiss goodbye in the morning anymore because Tony just works from home now. So I told him that this is changing. We need to plan at least 1 real date night a month and kiss every day. So far, for 11 days, we have kissed. Woot. I know that is not a lot of days but at least we haven't missed a day yet. And when I am gone traveling we will just do extra kisses before or after my trip. As for planning a date night..that hasn't happened but January isn't over yet. And I am hoping we can plan out the dates for at least every quarter of the year so that we have a few months planned at a time.


So...further breaking each category down, I took a lot of notes on my iPad during our drive back to CA from ID after New Year's. I wrote down how to make many of these things happen. Such as, where I would order my bike tubes. What platform I'd use for the email list. I mapped out a craft a month to do with a friend or two and so on and so forth.

I'm curious to know if you set a goal or a word to work on for the year. Maybe it's not as elaborate as mine and that's totally okay. Leave me a comment, I'd love to know what you are working on. Even if it's just a goal for this week or month.

Thanks for reading!


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