Parade of Homes ~ St. George, Utah!

**This post is sponsored by Homie**

I drove home from Utah on the 13th and on the 14th when Tony got off work, we turned around and drove back to Utah. This time, to St. George and this time, together. It was nice to zone out and let Tony take care of this part of the drive for once. Our decision for the holiday weekend was not made lightly. There was a travel show going on in L.A. that I've wanted to go to for the past few years or...the Parade of Homes was happening in St. George and I LOVE going to this event. After weighing the pros and cons and discovering Tony had Monday off from work, we opted for the longer drive and activities in St. George. 

We started the tour around 11am on Saturday and went until it closed at 7pm. We made the most of our time and only got to a few of the houses on the tour but got some great pictures. Our friend Heidi came with us because her husband had to work.

The lighting and accessories in this first home we went to were quite stunning. I loved all the variety!

The bird wallpaper in this little bathroom? YES. So much YES.
I am also loving the pink padded bench at the foot of the bed in this bedroom.
The bathroom on the right has some nice wallpaper as well but those birds, they have my heart.

This home had a large pool and fun slide!

Again, loving the style and the different light fixtures in this home.

It was also neat to see wallpaper on a ceiling.

I tried to pay attention to all the details in the home. When you stage your home to sell or are looking for a home to buy, it's fun to see how other people or designers choose to decorate a home and it can give you inspiration for your own home and style choices.

Fun textures, designs and details.

Plus, this view! St. George is quite beautiful in this sense.

The backsplash in the kitchen was unique - I loved the shape of the tiles.

This kitchen also had a nice back-splash above the stove and a handy water spout that swings out from against the wall. This is something I've noticed in my last few years of going to the Parade of Homes.

Loving the texture and style of these rooms from the pillows to the bedspread to the headboards and the wallpaper.

It's always neat to see wall decor. I tend to hang just pictures or art but don't often switch things up with different shaped pieces.

This backyard was so relaxing with a small soaking pool or possibly it was a hot tub and a fire pit area. I always love a good fire pit.

Some more fun wall tiles - does this make your eyes go crazy looking at all the dots?

This epoxy resin desktop made me drool. I would love working at this - like a little river underneath my laptop.

More details and accents in this home. Who knew you could get a KitchenAid with a decorated mixing bowl? Now I know! I also thought these candlesticks and mirrored wall art were unique.

Homie is up in Salt Lake City but not only there - they are in St. George too! 

Homie is great for buying a home because..

Up to $5k refund for closing costs*

You get a dedicated agent

Easy to book tours

*Buyer refund subject to lender approval and buyer agent commission. See full terms and conditions in buyer-broker agreement and agency disclosure.


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