Office & Craft Room Ideas

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Last year when I attended the Parade of Homes in Utah, I got to see quite a lot of office and work spaces built in the homes and some craft rooms. I wish I had seen more craft room spaces to be honest. The offices included in the homes I walked through and pictured below were usually one of the first rooms I looked at. Keep reading to see all the cool layouts and designs in these beautiful homes.

Spaces where kids can work, study and craft are important and I was happy to see a few of the homes I walked through had these options.

You could go with a bit darker look in terms of furniture. There was a shade of blue that seemed very popular and I saw throughout the homes I visited.

You can keep things crisp and on the lighter/whiter side. This helps a room feel more spacious and open which is something that is a plus when you are looking to buy a home or sell your own.

I did encounter one home on the tour that had a sewing room with some beautiful quilts. I loved the layout, look and details of the room.

Some other ideas for layouts in your office or work/craft space...

Maybe you only need and have space for a corner and sometimes that is sufficient, depending on what kind of office or craft space you are needing. I have friends that only have a corner of their kitchen or family room to craft in and they make it work with smart storage ideas and not collecting a ton of supplies. Since I host monthly Pinterest parties, it's been super nice to have a she-shed to keep the bulk of my supplies in but I know that is not an option for everyone. 

More of a group work area for kids and their friends or networking with your tribe

Combined workspaces seemed to be a popular theme throughout the homes I got to see. I could see it being a little distracting to have multiple kids in one place, depending on if they are doing homework or just being creative and crafty.

Growing up we didn't have one set place to work that was designated as a craft room but we had a fairly large family room with a table that was great for coloring and doing various projects at. We had 1 cupboard of craft supplies that my mom kept well stocked for our imaginations.

Some uses for lighting in your office space. I loved these ideas!

I also really enjoyed the personal touches, especially that cool lamp base in the middle picture. Click the photo to enlarge it so you can see what I'm talking about.

Also loving the creative use of wall space. I guess it does make it hard to hang pictures or shelving but there are workarounds so it might not be too bad. It's not something I saw too much of in the homes I walked through so it's a unique trend for now it seems.

Some styled looks for the men in our lives...

It can be super classy but comfy...

Or it can be functional with your own art and works station.

Don't forget to add some simple yet tasteful decor that can help bring the look together and add a nice touch or pop of color to your office or craft room.

I'm so glad that people in Utah and Arizona right now have the option of buying or selling their home using Homie. It's reassuring to work with people who know the ins and outs of what could be a complicated process. If you have any particular questions or would like to save money using Homie, send me an email or leave me a comment!


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