What the Hack?!

My cute nephew in Utah is 3 and instead of saying, "What the heck?" he says it, "What the hack?" So adorable, I miss him so much!

"What the heck/hack?!" is a phrase I muttered to myself on Thursday night after I got out of the car and my phone crashed to the ground because I forgot it was on my lap. Right on to the cement. Oye! An unfortunate event a few weeks ago as I was at Seven Magic Mountains 30 minutes outside Las Vegas took me by surprise when I tripped on a rock in the near darkness, and I went tumbling. I managed to hang on to my phone but it still got a crack right across the bottom half of the screen in a diagonal fashion. Noooo! I have never once broken a phone screen before but all that changed in late 2017/early 2018. How am I so clumsy?! I dont even know. It was doable though, the crack didnt really show on the display and I was able to use it normally like I did pre-fall.

So...now I am in AZ, stuck with an even more broken - cracked screen - phone (grateful it can still make calls and I can access social media even if it cuts my fingers up) wondering where I went wrong. Trying to email every shop I can find via Google that does phone screen repairs. Scouring the classifieds in hopes of finding another phone until I can figure out what to do with mine. Curses to having an Asus phone that nobody (that I know of yet) has ability to work on. I knew I should have stuck with Samsung.

So..follow my adventures at CHA/Creativation here in Phoenix with no phone! Haha, that'd be hard if I am unable to snap/post/Instagram/Tweet/etc but at least the conference does not really start until Saturday and I have all day Friday to figure out a plan with my current phone or possibly a new one.

But still. Geez Louise. The timing!


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